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_Gungrave_ #81 Posted Sep 11 2018 - 15:50


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View PostFrostblitz20, on Jul 23 2018 - 07:31, said:

Add to the list give stb1 it’s hydro system it had from the start irl this would diversify the mediums more and add in another play style into the game


I think it can have a combination of factors.

For STB-1.

New change is a 'burst fire' gun, but it is not really the same. It is not like an Italian where the interclip is an amazing 2.5 seconds, and mag dump kills dpm. It's actually bad, at 4 seconds interclip. It reloads at a base rate of 7 rpm, and if the magazine is empty, still 7 RPM.
So, 2730 base DPM.
Except the magazine contains 3 shells. And it has better bloom stats. 0.13/0.13/0.08 ?
1170 damage in 8 seconds (1st shot loaded). In 5 hits it will kill. So after that, basic, needs only *16 seconds* to kill the enemy. You can kill a full health medium tank in 24 seconds if the opportunity permits.
And STB-1 gets old turret armor model*
Naturally you aren't supposed to be dumb enough to sit still for 8 seconds while the STB-1 dumps an entire magazine into you, and then fires off the last 2 rounds. Magazine refills at a fairly amazing 7 rpm. 
The counter? 257 pen is not very good, and switching to HEAT halfway through the mag dump isn't an option, the gun arc is trash so gaining height is definitely a way to survive. Unless STB-1 can chase you at the speed of a walking human being. Armor is still garbad on hull and 24 seconds of non stop fire in a poorly armored medium that doesn't have gun arc, or if it does its too slow to duck quickly, isn't going to lend itself to longevity.
Also 2730 base DPM is fairly bad. 
While gun depression is nerfed to 6*, and elevation to 9*, siege mode alleviates those flaws to some degree, for 12* gun dep and 15* elevation.


Cool kit I think.

Really changes STB-1 completely. It wouldn't be able to clip the way most autoloaders do, but it has the flexibility that they don't have (in choice to clip), plus the ability to 'go all in' using the clip to get an advantage in the fight.


24 second kill time if it commits & clip dumps is not normal. Its ~8 seconds off a maximum upgraded STB-1 with food.


Perhaps just remove the option to mount rammer if the stats are this way because the more I read it the more it seems stupidly broken. Or just cut reload to 6.4 RPM? Or empty mag penalty, normal reload 7 RPM, empty mag reload of 6.

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DrB33t #83 Posted Mar 28 2019 - 03:06


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View Post_Gungrave_, on May 19 2018 - 19:25, said:

If anyone has more suggestions I'll add them if they're good and give credit to you...


I'll have a go. The German tier tens need to be denazified. Not only is it weird to have Nazi vehicles at the end of the game in a game that runs into the cold war but the failure to include post-war German vehicles has lead to German tanks being forcibly uptiered--and that's why many of them suck. Here is my suggestion for a reworked German tech tree:




Adding post-war German vehicles allows WG to add more interesting gameplay dynamics in the process.

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