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Rating the Tier 8 Premiums (as of patch 1.0.1)

noivy is mad opinion spewing alert this thread is bait

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Junbeyn #1 Posted May 23 2018 - 19:32


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So with Wargaming clamoring to get it's preferential matchmaking vehicles out of said preferential match making, I decided to look at the various states of every tier 8 premium as a whole (that are released anyways). Gonna keep this list exclusive to premium tanks that have been available for purchase and not CW rewards (looking at you IS-5, yes, i paid for you). There's 6 levels I'm going by, Overpowered, Great, Fun, Meh, Bad, and Trash. I have light experience with at least every vehicle on this list; whether by rentals, past Wargaming events, or sock puppeting someones account for clan wars. I reached out to a bunch of friends and former clan-mates for input on this, compiling information on this list. I will make updates when the changes to preferential match making tanks are brought onto the live servers or when new tier 8 premiums are introduced to the game.
Overpowered Tier
Skorpion G
Lets not kid ourselves here, there's a bloody reason this is on the top of the list. This was the most played vehicle in 2017 according to wargaming's yearly published stats, going in front of the former champions of the KV-1, Cromwell, T29, and Hellcat. The reasons are quite simple. It's German, so it automatically gets points wehraboo for the fanbase; it's a tank destroyer so it's going to be used to snipe, on top of the fact that it has a fully rotational turret so it can actively use a camouflage net and binoculars without needing to constantly rotate its hull; it's pretty mobile, so it can keep up with the pace of a battle if their team is pushing forward; and it's gun is insanely good for its tier on a platform that has a turret, and is incredibly good. Long story short, this is an idiot-proof TD. The only drawback this tank has is that it's a large target, but the gun and track hit-boxes are known shell sponges and can thwart even seemingly easy attempts to kill it.
This tank is just straight up better than every other tier 8 heavy in the game. Even the 252 can't measure up to this vehicle in terms of consistant performance. For starters the T26E5 is just a straight upgrade to the mediocre pile of unimpressive steel that is the T32, having more penetration, armor, rate of fire, and being more mobile than its standard tech tree counterpart. Equal tiers or lower can't even get away with shooting the hull like what you can do with the T32 because the hull is pretty at 151mm with some areas reaching 175, which quickly increase with effective angling. This vehicle, like many others that will follow in the upper tiers of this list, are just flat out better than their closest resembling standard tech tree vehicle.
Object 252/Defender
I admittedly had a hard time trying to convince myself to put this vehicle in the overpowered tier, but pushes from some of my more... vocal friends forced my hand and here we are. This vehicle is often joked to be the strongest tier 8 premium in the game and those comments are not unfounded, having the highest non-derp alpha of tier 8 heavies at 440 paired a really good armor layout against tier 8s (and god help any tier 6 that is forced to fight this thing). That being said there are some serious detriments to this vehicle that severely limit its ability to fight back against higher tiered vehicles, which given the current foundation of how match making works, it will fight against very frequently. It's not fast, has horrendous gun handling and a pretty pathetic DPM, and has the stigma reputation among the player-base as being overpowered and gets focused by artillery and premium ammo (however the latter is justifiable this thing is pretty hard to penetrate on an equal tier or lower). 
Great Tier
M41 w/90mm
This may as well be the best tier 8 light tank in the game. The only reason it isn't overpowered is because it's a light tank. It's 90mm gun is more than enough for it to swat away other light tanks with it's HESH-y HE round which has 102mm of penetration, and can fire on the move pretty damn well. It's a powerful light tank that can perform many roles, and it does those roles well.
Strv S1
Bearing the single highest raw standard penetration of tier 8 (tied with the UDES) and being a Swedish S-Tank prototype you know there's going to be lots of salty chat messages about invisible tanks when a competent S1 is in play. While it lacks the sheer rate of fire and DPM from its tier 9 and 10 versions, the sting of an invisible S1 can make short work of any vehicle foolish enough to advance into its range. The hilarious part is that this thing can meet tier 6s, which it can kill in two shots. This things armor is almost worthless, being only 30mm thick means its prone to being over-matched by 90mm or larger guns; but when it gets matched against those poor unlucky 6s and 7s who don't have said 90mm guns, you can ridge poke in siege mode all day and farm steel walls while shaving half their health every 8 and a half seconds. Also, this thing makes an insane amount of money, even just 2k games will net you 60-80k credits without premium time.
Honestly this thing is an up tiered SU-122-44 that sacrifices rate of fire in exchange for a much meatier punch. It's a faster platform than its tier 7 cousin with a better armor profile. There isn't much else to say about this vehicle. It's a good TD with a decent punch.
AMX M4 49
This thing isn't the AMX 65t. That alone is a huge plus for this vehicle. With a characteristically un-French frontal armor layout this vehicle can spearhead corridors pretty well, and the tried and true 100mm gun it shares with all most every single high tier french vehicle allows it to punch holes in just about anything it meets. Its weaknesses however are laid bare once any vehicle can get a shot in its side. 
Somua SM and Lorraine 40t
I'm lumping these two together for simplicity's sake because they're both really good vehicles in their own right but they have glaring differences which the common pub player tends to overlook. They form a trio with the standard AMX 50 100 in there's a pretty good deviation of gameplay between the three vehicles to separate them from each other while still being relatively similar in concept. The Lorraine is a fast and flexible support flanker with a smaller clip (though lets be honest 1200 damage is nothing to scoff at), and has the ability to choose where and when it's going to strike in a much better manner than its heavy counterparts. The Somua is comparable to the T57 Heavy at tier 8, having the fastest auto-loader among the three and having the thickest armor, however it is pretty slow compared to even most other tier 8 heavies.
Both of these tanks are well defined and can hold their own in their ideal situations quite well.
FCM 50t (pmm)
The FCM is a medium with an identity crisis. Labeled as a heavy with preferential match-making, this agile hulk of a tank can move around the battle field with ease. It's long 90mm gun doesn't hit hard and is worst in tier for raw damage among heavies, however it does reload quick enough and can reliably hit targets while moving. Pair this with good enough gun depression, you have a good heavium vehicle that fights well within its preferential match making and can make a fair amount of credits per game owing to its low shell cost. 
M4 Revalorise 
On its release this vehicle was crap. Then it was buffed, and it's easily one of the best purely standalone unique premiums in the game while not being completely overpowered. It's gun has one hell of a punch for a medium and handles well enough that the vehicle can fire on the move in medium ranges and still connect shots with ease. Being a Sherman chassis though, you can't expect to rely to rely on its speed and armor to keep you safe. Still, a very solid and reliable choice for a tier 8 premium that I can respect. It's certainly a better choice than the AMX CDC.
Strv 81/Primo. Vic./Centurion 5/1
Basically better Centurion 1s with stronger engines. Not really anything to say here apart from the fact the extra kick in engine power makes them basically better than their standard tech tree counterpart. 
Fun Tier
T-54 Mod. 1/T-44-100
Again, lumping two tanks together because they're both really similar but do have some pretty strong differences. The T-44-100 is the flanker to the T-54 Mod 1's tankier armor layout. Both are front line support brawlers with their small, frontal profile with deceptively good armor, though the T-44 will use its incredible maneuverability to avoid shots while the T-54 mod 1's horrible terrain resistance values will force it to fight head to head with a target most of the time.
Progetto M.46
The newest national addition to the game brings an entirely new gun reloading mechanic that can basically be summed up by the phrase "spaghetti western" resembling a revolver in how it handles its shells. Being the first tank on this list to have be a medium with a 90mm gun with 212mm of penetration, this tank is separated by the rest by said reloading mechanic, having alarmingly good gun handling, and having pretty good ground resistance values. However because it is THE New Tank.tm on the block lots of people impulse bought it and subsequently do very stupid things with it and tend to die really quickly. Or people attempt rush it and get swatted for 720 damage, and whine about it being overpowered on these forums.
This tank is a pure meme vehicle. Being the absolute smallest tank since tier 3 in tier 8 with a very speedy platform means that this vehicle can be incredibly hard to hit when its moving at full speed. Paired with its small size is the fact that it's really stealthy, and because it's a light tank it doesn't suffer a stealth penalty when moving. That's pretty much all that can be said about the EVEN though, it's gun is not good and its DPM can best be described as harmless. While it is indeed an auto-loader, it's only a 660 damage auto-loader which at tier 8 is not impressive and it takes a long time to reload as well, just short of 30 seconds. It's view range is also 380, which is not good for a high tier light.
Chrysler K GF
This tank has a pretty bad reputation for being the tank that set off the infamous "Fochgate" community disaster which saw one particularly trigger happy Wargaming employee wave unfounded and illegal DMCA threats and defamation court action and around like a weapon and set the entire WoT community and a sizable part of the YouTube community against Wargaming as a whole. How does the tank measure up though? Well it's not completely overpowered but it does highlight an unhealthy game trend where it will basically have to fire premium ammo to compete against higher tiered vehicles. It's frontal armor layout is pretty damn good frontally, and with its rear mounted turret you may as well give up trying to kill one of these things if its side scraping.
T26E4 Stupid Pershing (pmm)
I call this thing stupid solely because there are an overwhelming amount of dumb Super Pershing players who think that this thing is a heavy and should be played like one. This vehicle can not push by itself. At all. It's riddled with weak-points on its front that intelligent players will shoot at. It's gun is ok, it fits comfortably in it's preferential matchmaking without being bollocks. It's a powerful support tank, just don't count on your usual T26E4 player on being smart because 9 times out of 10 they're going to do something really freakin' dumb.
T-34-3 (pmm)
This might be the only vehicle that uses a D-25T gun that I can respect. This tank was made for brawling and it has the maneuverability to do so. With the HEAT round that is exclusive to china, this tank can go to town with almost every tier 9 it will meet, and can reliably bounce shots off its turret while hugging opponents and taking 390 bites out of its prey. Unfortunately, just like every Chinese vehicle though this things ammorack loves to go off, often times you'll have to choose between repairing a track or your ammorack if you run a small repair kit.
Panzer 58 Mutz 
This has a fun reputation of being the first tier 8 rental that everyone got back in 2016. Everyone had it for a week or so and games were nothing but 10+ mutz' on both teams with maybe some higher or lower tiered vehicles. I actually would lump it together with a quite a few other tier 8 mediums with 90 guns that have 212 penetration, but this one gets its own special little slot for being "pubby's first rental". This thing has alarmingly good terrain resistances, and can keep up its speed even in rubbish terrain like Lakeville's infamous Idiot Valley. 
M6A2E1 (pmm)
I spent a very, very long time coveting this vehicle. I wasn't wrong to do so in my mind, it's decent enough vehicle, but it isn't amazing either. It's frontal armor is its main selling point, being pretty strong on paper, but crumpling to dust if any of its weaknesses are poked. It's a big, weird-looking, weird playing heavy tank that can best be described in game play as a bastardized M4 49. Good enough frontal armor, hilariously large and thin side profile, paired with the meh 105mm gun that's far from being the best gun of tier 8.
T92 LT
I really like this thing. The stealth-buffs it received just before going on sale for the first time made this a must-buy for me. However I can not let personal preference inflate this things position. With the worst alpha in tier 8 and an unimpressive rate of fire for a 76, paired with the lowest top-speed for a high tier light tank, the T92 is best played as a passive scout or support brawler. It's gun handling is amazing, its gun elevation-depression are superb, and its terrain resistances and p/w are the best in tier, but its raw offensive shortcomings put it just out of reach of the Meh Tier of tier 8 premiums
Meh Tier
To call the T34 a heavy is laughable. Sure it's large and slow, but if you try to play this thing like a heavy you're going to get the crap kicked out of you. This thing is a mislabeled Tank Destroyer. Like it's T29 and T30 brothers, it's best played in a hull down position so its tough turret front can face oncoming fire with relative ease. The gun is pretty damn powerful, having the best standard penetration of all tier 8 heavies and having a reliable 400 alpha, however if the T34 so much as twitches it will have to go through a horrendously long aim-time to get back to a comfortable level of dispersion. This vehicle has a high skill floor, but in the right hands it can be a threat even in tier 10 games.
KV-5 (pmm)
This is one of the oldest tanks on this list, if not the oldest tied with the Lowe. The KV-5 is a meme vehicle. It has the largest HP pool of tier 8 clocking in at 1780, and has pretty damn thick armor all around. Save for it's famous radio-operator's machine gun copula that sits in the open on the front of the tank for all the world to see. There has never been such a large "HIT ME RIGHT HERE" icon in this game. And yet, despite that, it still finds a way to be useful even against tier 9. For starters, its DPM is not bad, with 2100 and while its regular AP round is easily has the worst penetration of all tier 8 heavies, its APCR can give it enough bite to deal with things. Unlike the IS-6, this thing can afford to miss shots and take hits, hell this is what the KV-5 is meant to do. Be a huge bullet sponge while the team follows. On the right maps you may find a KV-5 reverse side-scraping, at which point the opposing team would be wise to just go to another flank. Also this thing can go up to 40km/h and it wheighs over 100 tons. Anything on the receiving end of a full speed ram of a KV-5 is going to lose a lot of hitpoints.

Though, keep in mind the KV-5 is on the chopping block for changes, so some of these pieces of information are bound to change and I'll update when appropriate.
I almost never see these things, like they're actually a super rare sight on the battle field. It hasn't been offered many times, and it's got a pretty low alpha for a tier 8 TD with its 105mm cannon, but it is fairly fast and has pretty good gun arcs and depression. Its a larger faster Swedish TD without siege mode, which makes it unique enough, but there's other TDs which can do its job better.
Type 59 (pmm)
This tank is over-hyped and honestly not that special. It used to be really good, back when it was being sold on the tech tree for gold. It's still adequate, but beyond that I really don't understand why wargaming and the player base have a fetish for this tank being "rare". It's a very common "first place prize" for contests and to me personally draws a bit of contempt when wargaming advertised it during its holiday lootbox event (However I need to clarify, wargaming did the loot boxes a hell of a lot better than most other games, always having a bare minimum of what you paid for with the additional chance of bonus goods) It does have a very high credit income though so it has that going for it at least. And its explosive ammo rack because its Chinese.
This former tier 10 vehicle got shafted really hard when it became a tier 8 premium. Low DPM, paired with a weaker P/W ratio on its engine and having a really meh level armor layout on its turret (it doesnt even have a mantlet for crying out loud). There's basically no reason to even get this vehicle now that the centurion 5/1 exists and can do everything the 4202 can do but better.
WZ-111 (pmm)
This tank can say it's not the IS-6 or 112. That's a pretty big redeeming factor. While it has the dreaded D-25T gun, the 111's has the best accuracy of all the vehicles its on, and has the speed, 50 km/h in fact, and armor to use it. The WZ-111 hull is actually really good, having a much better front profile than the IS-6's clocking in well over 200 effective on flat ground, and a turret that actually has lots of armor. However, like with the T-34-3, this is a Chinese vehicle and oh boy does this things ammo rack love to go off. I've made this thing blow up in my panther-M10 after two penetrations.  
While the KV-5 gets the benefit of being a pure meme vehicle with preferential match making, the same can not be said for the Lowe, which has a really high skill floor. This thing is plagued with problems weighing it down in bad ways. For starters, it's slow. Very slow. So slow it's called the Slowe. It's also very large, and it's armor is basically flat, so much so that the lower plate on the front is the textbook example of the trend of lower glacis weak-points on tanks. It's gun, while incredibly accurate, suffers from the worst DPM of tier 8, a trait it shares with the T34 which I would argue has the better overall gun.
Special Section*
STA-2 /T25 Pilot 1/59-Patton/M46 KR
These are all tanks that share virtually the same gun, the exception being the T25 which has slightly less penetration than the 212mm of penetration that's across the board for all these tanks. All of them encompass the lower "Fun" tier to upper "Bad". They basically all feel like the same general tank to be bluntly obvious, some of them being stronger in other capacities than others and I didn't feel like writing the same thing four times. They're support mediums where their strengths lie in their poking game. They have good depression and handling, paired with ok maneuverability. They really aren't anything special. 
Bad Tier
I want to make one thing abundantly clear here. This is, to me, one of the poorest decisions that wargaming has ever made and to me is the most offensive tier 8 Murazor (thank SerB he finally got demoted and replaced) ever put into the game. Adding this tank was a mistake in a balance sense. You have a tier 8 super heavy that is nearly impervious save two frontal weak-spots to tier 6 and most tier 7 guns, while having a flat armor profile that makes it completely useless against equal tier and higher guns. This tank was put into supertest amid the craze of high alpha super heavies and was originally going to mount a 15cm 750 alpha gun. The backlash to the announcement is one I very fondly remember and wish I saw more of. This tank is basically a really bad example of an "All or Nothing" style of gameplay. If it's top tier, enjoy being nigh impossible to stop. If it's equal or bottom tier, good luck being anything other than a 1700 hp pinata to the enemy team, you bloody waste of a team slot.
Jagdtiger 88 (pmm)
Large casemate hull with a fixed gun? Check. Tied with one other TD for the lowest alpha in tier 8? Check. Mediocre gun stats? Check. "Armor" in exchange for speed? Check. Preferential match making to justify its lack luster overall stats? Check. The Jagdtiger 88 checks out as a large dumb TD with a meh amount of qualities and an a number of things holding it back. There is one thing, however that the jagdtiger 88 is really good at doing, and that's printing credits. even 1.5k damage matches can net you 40-50 credits without premium time, and paired with its low shell cost it retains a lot of them after resupply, assuming of course you didn't fire premium ammo, which you will have to do against some tier 9 targets.
This vehicle wishes it was the FCM 50t. This thing is as large as a heavy with absolutely no armor to speak of. Granted, it's incredibly fast (although it could be faster if its terrain resistances weren't absolute worst in tier), but the sheer size of this vehicle means that it's going to be incredibly easy to hit if the shooter is at the very least competent. Oh, and every other hit this thing takes damages the ammo rack. It also doesn't have preferential match making. This vehicle has a very high skill floor, and is very unforgiving of mistakes.
Trash tier
Panther 88
The only reason I can ever see people with this is that they missed out on a Mutz or Panther/M10 sale. Plain and simple. It's flat out inferior to even some tier 7s, and to top it all off its a tier 8 medium with a low penning gun that doesn't get preferencial match making that's also as big as a barn.
112 (pmm)
See my IS-6 section, however this thing does get a pretty high pen heat round so it can at least punch tier 9 heavies while making a little less money per game. Basically its a slightly better IS-6 with a more volatile ammo rack. Bottom line, don't get this if you have the WZ-111, that tank can actually get stuff done occasionally.
When they first announced this vehicle I thought it would be an IS-3 with an autoloader. It wasn't. The "automatic" reloading system only means this vehicles loader system is overseen by the commander, making this tank have a crew of 3. You can't train a full soviet crew with this vehicle. Adding to this vehicle's sinful existence that in exchange for a negligible increase of rate of fire, this thing's gun handling stats are downright horrible, it's slow as hell having the stock IS-3 engine inside of it, and the turret front is actually flatter than the regular IS-3 and thus easier to penetrate. I don't actually think I've ever seen it on sale since its first debut to a rightly, very unimpressed player base. Why even get this when the 252 goes on sale roughly once a year anyways?
I had to do a double take when I saw this thing listed on tanks.gg. I can't remember the last time I even saw a KanonenJP in a fight, even in the recent frontline mode where I saw my first KV-4 Kreslav. there were none to be found. It's not hard to see why however, this bastardised love child of an E-25 & RU-251 has the lowest alpha of tier 8 TDs, and relies completely on camoflauge and speed to not get killed. The only thing this vehicle has is its decent rate of fire, but every time you fire that gun in anything but complete bush cover you will get spotted, you will get shat on, and you will never play this thing again afterwards because its just an outright terrible choice for tier 8.
IS-6 (pmm)
There was a time when the IS-6 was good. That time was when match making wasn't bound by a template system, and due to its preferential match making. Now however this vehicle gets stuffed by tier 9s in very frequent 3/5/7 or 5/10 match ups which it can not hope to achieve any usefulness what so ever because the trash D-25T gun only has 175/217 mm of penetration (while most other tier 8 heavies have at least 190) and having gun handling that makes my hand writing look good by default. The armor is a joke too, capping out at 100 on the upper hull which relies entirely on angles or spaced armor along the side. This thing is slow, unwieldy, and can't even perform its original role of being a brawler like it used to because there are many, MANY OTHER TANKS that can do its job better and some of them are god damn TANK DESTROYERS AND LIGHT TANKS. Meh rate of fire, low penetration, pathetic view range, laughably meh maneuverability, on a platform that is so horrendously outdated in a game sense it's amazing they haven't pulled it from the gold purchase section its so bloody terrible. 

TwixOps #2 Posted May 23 2018 - 19:43


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I think you misplaced the defender, it should be 2-3 tiers above every other tier 8.  

Other than that, I see several other glaring mistakes with your tiering...

the freedom Pershing is massively overtiered, it's better than average but not much more than that.  

Lowe belongs at minimum in the "Great" tier, with all the buffs it has gotten recently, it's insane for its tier.  

Progetto is also very much undertiered; a minimum it belongs in the "Great" tier, it's easily the best prem med right now.  


Edited by TwixOps, May 23 2018 - 19:54.

JakeTheMystic #3 Posted May 23 2018 - 19:44


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-Skorp G: is not even close to OP anymore.

-Patriot: fits in the Fun zone, hardly anyone would argue that its OP.

-M4 Rev: Belongs closer to the bottom of the list.

-Type 59: This should be bumped up one.

-LOWE: Are you insane? You would need 0 knowledge if heavies to think this belongs near the bottom. This belongs with the greats. 

-Maurerbrecher: Bold and brash? More like, belongs in the trash.

-CDC: This thing has been power crept so hard, it belongs in the trash as well. 

-IS-6: Umm, what? This thing with pref at least belongs with the Meh. Although, I would argue it can get one higher than that. 


Everything else seems to fit fine. But those ones seem to be highly misplaced.  

dnaman #4 Posted May 23 2018 - 19:44


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Holy wall of text!!  I couldn’t get through that as I’m at lunch and don’t have the rest of the day.  That said, I disagree with you on many points.  The Lowe is a great tier VIII heavy after the buffs.  The Progetto is awesome if played right.  The FCM, at leastbin my hands is too visible to play as a medium so it struggles with what to play it like.  Etc...

Nunatak73 #5 Posted May 23 2018 - 19:54


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Certain players can make any tank appear great or terrible. 

Best overall way to rate them would be winrate combined with WN8, and even that is flawed.


Example would be the Lowe, it's one of my statistically best tanks. I have no issues playing 3 / 5 /7 MM with it, I almost prefer to play against Tier 10's so I can play a pure support role instead of trying to flex top tier might.

AndrewSledge #6 Posted May 23 2018 - 20:02


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IS-6 shouldn't be at the bottom...

Devildog8 #7 Posted May 23 2018 - 20:06


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Oh my the LOWE got insulted, shame on you sir :facepalm:

Strike_Witch_Tomoko #8 Posted May 23 2018 - 20:09


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overall, largely agree.


though you did skip a few tanks (not gonna blame you as they are....alot rarer to see)


but here they are


T95e2.   reward tank at tier 8(like IS-5, Chieftain/t95, etc.  except while those are now called prems due to prem income....this...is still a "reward".   not a CW reward mind ya....a reward for bringing someone you might have cared about into this game....and thus burning them as a friend.... ) .  aka no prem income or repair.  the worst income ratio of tier 8. 59 patton turret, with a worse pen gun.    seriously.  this is a "reward" in the same way having someone shoot you for giving them what they wanted in a robbery is a "reward".


burn this tank....burn it and throw the WG balance team inside its burning corpse.   let them feel what its like to play this vs tier 10s.   or hell...tier 8s.  this thing is BELOW trash tier....at least trash tier gives income.  at least normal tanks give income.  this is worse



STG.   prem tank.  and an odd ball.    basically no armor(even if stats say it has armor.....but anything with close to 200pen will rip through turret easily.  and hull? BWAHAHAHAHAH.....it can troll bounce a bit but not often.

also. arty.....SHREDS THIS.   no top armor at all.     mobility is average.  camo....not good.   so all looks really bad atm right?


but STG's gun.....my god.....this......  a 122mm gun with the accuracy of a german sniper.  good pen as well.    added to the wierd shape of the tank and playing this thing creatively pays off BIG time.


i'd put this in fun tier.   but it could reach great tier if creatively played.     

the_dude_76 #9 Posted May 23 2018 - 20:15


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You know what they say about opinions right??


View PostJakeTheMystic, on May 23 2018 - 18:44, said:


-M4 Rev: Belongs closer to the bottom of the list.


-CDC: This thing has been power crept so hard, it belongs in the trash as well. 



These are two of my favorite premiums and I do quite well in both of them

General_Lee_Miserable #10 Posted May 23 2018 - 20:17


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Everything is subjective but the type 59 is a great tank, IMO.  I love mine. 

Junbeyn #11 Posted May 23 2018 - 20:36


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View PostStrike_Witch_Tomoko, on May 23 2018 - 12:09, said:

STG.   prem tank.  and an odd ball.    basically no armor(even if stats say it has armor.....but anything with close to 200pen will rip through turret easily.  and hull? BWAHAHAHAHAH.....it can troll bounce a bit but not often.

also. arty.....SHREDS THIS.   no top armor at all.     mobility is average.  camo....not good.   so all looks really bad atm right?


but STG's gun.....my god.....this......  a 122mm gun with the accuracy of a german sniper.  good pen as well.    added to the wierd shape of the tank and playing this thing creatively pays off BIG time.


i'd put this in fun tier.   but it could reach great tier if creatively played.     

Good god I knew I was forgetting something. I'll edit it in with a summary of your quote when I can do so outside of mobile editing.

raymee101 #12 Posted May 23 2018 - 20:45

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I think the rev should be rated higher since a year ago it got buffed and since then is been in the top 5 premiums for earning credits every month since then, thats a good part of a premium.  Also i dont think he has the kanonen TD cause he says its garbage but at least put it in the fun category cause its awesome to play, i love getting into sniping areas fast with the crazy speed and its camo is higher than everything else in game.  sure it doesnt have the alpha but mines at 4.9 second reload or something like that so its great at constant pestering

537dL #13 Posted May 23 2018 - 21:05

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Block Quote

Lakeville's infamous Idiot Valley. 


this was worth the entire post! thanks

LeaveIT2Beaver #14 Posted May 23 2018 - 21:09


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No three people can agree on anything - but I can say this was a well thought out presentation. Well done!

Vampiresbane #15 Posted May 23 2018 - 21:44


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I think you list is pretty much spot on.  I'd argue that 112 deserves to be bumped up one more slot.  If you're fighting tier 9's, liberal use of premium rounds solves most problems.  Its gun handling is rough, but its armor is just nuts versus lower tiers.


I'd also say that the WZ-111 is what IS-6 wishes it could be.  It's fast, has a great premium round.  And just enough armor to bounce lower tiers occasionally.  I actually got HT-12 260 done in this tank with honors.  Couldn't believe it myself either.  The gun handling leaves something to be desired, but its gun handling is better than the IS6 and the 112.


So my suggestion:
112 Trash tier > Bad tier  (I'd honestly put it in the Meh tier since it's PMM.)

WZ-111 Meh tier > Fun tier

Prosqtor #16 Posted May 23 2018 - 22:06


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Tier VIII win rates from the great vbaddict web site.  Contribute early and often!

The format is funny because I had to change it to plain text to avoid WG image limitation, and I am too lazy to straighten it out, ha.






Object 252U


53.09 %




52.49 %


T-44-100 ® (small data set)


52.21 %


Somua SM


52.19 %


Object 252U Defender


52.06 %




51.96 %


Primo Victoria


51.81 %


AMX Canon dassaut 105


51.14 %


Progetto M35 mod 46


50.97 %


WZ-120-1G FT


50.91 %


M4A1 Revalorise


50.64 %


T-54 first prototype


50.62 %


STG (small data set)


50.61 %


Lorraine 40 t


50.56 %




50.54 %




50.50 %


AMX M4 mle. 49


50.47 %


leKpz M 41 90 mm GF


50.28 %


Edelweiss (small data set)


50.28 %


Strv S1


50.27 %




50.14 %




50.00 %




49.94 %


Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC


49.82 %


IS-6 B (small data set)


49.73 %


T34 B


49.71 %


leKpz M 41 90 mm (small data set)


49.69 %


Chrysler K GF


49.52 %


Type 59


49.48 %


Rheinmetall Skorpion G


49.48 %




49.44 %


STG Guard


49.41 %


T26E5 Patriot


49.39 %


IS-3A (small data set)


49.35 %




49.28 %




49.20 %


Schwarzpanzer 58 (small data set)


49.19 %


T25 Pilot Number 1


49.06 %


VK 168.01 (P) (small data set)


49.02 %


AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberte


48.91 %


Panzer 58 Mutz


48.79 %


59-Patton (small data set)


48.68 %


WZ-111 Alpine Tiger


48.59 %


M6A2E1 (small data set)


48.41 %


T26E4 SuperPershing


48.14 %




48.12 %


Kanonenjagdpanzer (small data set)


47.96 %


VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher


47.85 %


Nameless (small data set)


47.81 %




47.56 %


FCM 50 t


47.34 %


M46 Patton KR


46.41 %


AMX Chasseur de chars


46.35 %


Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71


45.96 %




44.82 %


8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger


44.82 %

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Prosqtor #17 Posted May 23 2018 - 22:08


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Here is the link to the web site listing:


Captain_Rownd #18 Posted May 23 2018 - 22:22


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View PostGeneral_Lee_Miserable, on May 23 2018 - 20:17, said:

Everything is subjective but the type 59 is a great tank, IMO.  I love mine. 


It is sooo slooow for its size

BuckSparkles #19 Posted May 24 2018 - 22:13


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Can confirm panth 8.8 is insanely difficult to play. but in frontline it is okay. pen isn't as painful and it fires really quick. plus cheap deaths and cheap rounds. so fire away!

hikerjon1 #20 Posted May 31 2018 - 17:25

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Better revisit the Lowe, OP. It's been buffed quite a bit. Good armor, laser gun, gun depression, and nice armor. It's not Slowe anymore!

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