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Entitled unicums

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Pipinghot #161 Posted May 25 2018 - 02:41


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View Post_Gungrave_, on May 24 2018 - 18:38, said:

View PostArmorStorm, on May 24 2018 - 18:45, said:

Your shot- your responsibility.  Guys like you are part of the reason arty hate exists.  You give arty players a bad name. 

Arty players in general are the reason why arty hate exists.

Come on now, you know that's not true. "Arty players" are actually most of the players in the game, the great majority of players own and play arty in addition to the other classes. Having a couple of boneheads trying to get a rise out of people in this thread doesn't say anything about "arty players" any more than your posts say anything about "Heavy players".


Lots of people hate the arty game mechanic (especially when they're the target) but there's almost no such thing as "arty players", that concept is nearly a non-existent fantasy. Don't give the boneheads ammunition by playing into their nonsense.

ArmorStorm #162 Posted May 25 2018 - 03:44


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View Post24cups, on May 24 2018 - 12:30, said:

Over 22k games and a grand total of 3 in 

An SU -18 arty. Well trolled. 


Aw man, I looked at his stats to see how bad he is but didn't check the tanks list.  Good catch!

templars8 #163 Posted May 25 2018 - 05:16

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View PostAsassian7, on May 25 2018 - 00:22, said:

So we're the entitled ones, because we dont bend to the every single will of the arty players whenever they decide they want to shoot someone?

Got it.


Here come Asassian7,the guy that cant spell his name,thinks he is the real crapwhile he needs pay other people to 3 mark tanks for him. You are actually bang average my friend.

Asassian7 #164 Posted May 25 2018 - 05:43


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View Posttemplars8, on May 25 2018 - 16:16, said:


Here come Asassian7,the guy that cant spell his name,thinks he is the real crapwhile he needs pay other people to 3 mark tanks for him. You are actually bang average my friend.

Lol ok, if thats what you think. 

WhineMaker #165 Posted May 26 2018 - 00:58


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View PostVardeman, on May 24 2018 - 11:17, said:

I T it up, wait for the idiot to die and then kill the red tank.



In Frontline, there's no need to wait. Without team damage, it's FIRE AWAY!!! Thanks WG... :arta:


If they do receive a little stun. They can always YOLO and respawn...


So I see no problem... :B




View PostHOTA_CHATON, on May 24 2018 - 11:32, said:




Unicrum: A magical mythical beast or likely mock up of that is found to be trolling many tank battles.

My definition: Someone that will remain a virgin their entire life. And no, spooning a life sized anime pillow is not considered sex.


I have yet to ever see one.  You do know there really aren't of those in this game right?  People claim to be but really they are not as they make their own definitions, color scales, and other self horn blowing confetti.



RaynorShyne #166 Posted May 26 2018 - 03:14

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View Postethics_gradient, on May 24 2018 - 12:04, said:


Don't be such a snowflake, OP.  You need to toughen up and take the criticism as it's deserved.  You want a special arty player safe space?


Just be more careful with your shots.  You might even get your winrate UP to 47%.


That's what I was waiting for - the "you're point is invalid because I have a better record than you" nonsense.


I play arty: a lot.   If a friendly is face-hugging a foe - I'm not shooting near there, unless the friendly dies.   


However, I HAVE marked a target while reloading, made sure it was relatively clear, and launched a round completely across the map, only to have a damn Bat-Chat, or low health Sheridan decide now would be a good time to ram the damn thing.  It's in those circumstances that no - don't feel bad in the least.


OP - Arty-hate is a staple of the game, as is blaming arty for any and all losses, deaths, bad coffee, tracked vehicles, roll overs, constipation, and Trump being elected.   


A "Don't give a [edited]" attitude isn't going to win you friends on either side of the isle.   Just do your best to always help your team - and for the love of all that is holy - stop shooting at the front of tier X heavies.  Shoot off to the side and screw up their side armor.

NeroGermanicus #167 Posted May 26 2018 - 03:44


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I now just wait for them to get blown up before I shoot, Then listen to them complain that I didn't help them.

Edited by NeroGermanicus, May 26 2018 - 03:44.

riff_ #168 Posted May 26 2018 - 03:51


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View PostNunya_000, on May 24 2018 - 12:55, said:


And people that don't like my driving should stay off of the sidewalk.


That was a good one.  +1

foughtwolf #169 Posted May 26 2018 - 04:03

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On average, the purples who Ive met who are real [edited]are the ones that have a good low tier winrate but so-so the higher they go. 


Granted, thats not ALWAYS the case, and Ive met some people from the big name clans that really seem to want to get with my mother, but its the outlier.

CavScout19D #170 Posted May 26 2018 - 04:05


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Aren't all players, regardless of skill level, entitled to to not be team damaged?

ralucelum #171 Posted May 26 2018 - 06:59

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View Posttemplars8, on May 24 2018 - 10:43, said:

So i noticed lately of unicums on my team whine when i accidentally hit them with my arty,deal with it cupcake,dont drive into my shots and stay away when i T an area,all those unicums in their OP tanks think the game is theirs but its actually not.


Hey you're back with a new topic. Do you do stand up anywhere? I'd love to watch you doing some standups. lol

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