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[OMNI] Is Recruiting! Join Us For Victory!

Clan Omni Recruitment

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pinkypanzers #1 Posted May 25 2018 - 00:13


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I Want You For [OMNI]

We Want You For [OMNI]


​If you're interested in joining an amazing clan full of amazing and skilled people then [OMNI] is the clan for you!

We have several awesome Executive officers and one of the best Clan Leaders out there.

If you need to ask about anything you can ask one of them and we will answer you within minutes


About Our Clan

Our Clan is made by friends and built for friends. We made this clan to be able to forge new friendships and make new alliances.



1.We do not, under any circumstances accept or tolerate any and all kinds of derogatory racism or discrimination

2. If you and another clan member or teammate are having an argument, keep it civil and resolve it tactfully. You represent the clan and if reflects on us as a whole how you deal with these kinds of things.

3. Always remember that this is a game and we don't need to rage over it.

4. Respect any and all higher staff members, including your fellow clan mates too.

5. Always have fun!


​If you're interested in joining then The full name of the Clan is Owls Making Necessary Item-[OMNI]

​And from there PANZER VOR!!

R3DR8r #2 Posted May 25 2018 - 00:26

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Threeway #3 Posted May 31 2018 - 23:07


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Rule #1 We do not under any circumcision accept or tolerate Racism?

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