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Okay Im confused about which TD line to go with.

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Gang_Starr #21 Posted May 27 2018 - 06:01


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American TDs have 0 problems with the TD missions

Bada_Bing_Bam_Boom #22 Posted May 27 2018 - 07:32


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View PostFrontenacDuVandoo, on May 27 2018 - 03:56, said:

Ignore him. Just like you can ignore all the people who will tell you to not play SPG.


Being in the back is ok as a TD, as long as you're not too far back. Just make sure to move up as your flank gains ground. Keep an eye on the mini-map, if you see that the enemies are only outside your render range it's time to move up.

What you want to avoid is playing so much defense that you only start shooting once the enemy has gained ground.

It takes some time to find that ground, and also to recognize the situations where you need to stay back vs. the one where you should move up.


As for choosing a line I really like the German line myself, with the StuG III G at tier 5 being a favorite and really good at doing the sniper at a distance. The gun is really accurate and can has good pen.

The Swedish TD only start to get going at tier 6, lower than that they're rather average.

Don't be afraid to test them both if you're not sure. This isn't a race, and there's no harm in switching around.


what you said about the Stug was another reason I wanted to play German, from what I read and heard, its one of the best tank for accuracy and camo rating, oh well ill try it later I guess.

Bada_Bing_Bam_Boom #23 Posted May 28 2018 - 03:19


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So I listened to you all and rolled out the Swedish TD line.


Did okay in first 4 tiers and now in T5 i have this weird gun that has no accuracy and lobs shells at the enemy.


I also noticed that the crew at I think T8 changes so I have to drop one crew member and get another and then train them up, that's a pain in the ole [edited]now? If I had seen that before i think I wouldve stuck to my guns and went with the German Line. My t6 Italian medium already has 1 skill and about 60% through the second. Seems a bit unfair having no BIA at T8 and having to train up one crew member.




Captain_Rownd #24 Posted May 28 2018 - 04:13


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It's unfortunate that you don't have the christmas 2016 swedish women crew for your swedish TDs.  I started playing Tanks during that christmas event because I saw that they were introducing the STRV 103, which was a favorite tank of mine as a kid making military models.  Getting the special women crew was a fun part of starting out.  The Ikv 103 sure does lob shells like a 1970's Nerf Tank.  Like most difficult vehicles I look on it as a learning experience.  ;) 

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Icon_Charlie #25 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 03:53


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Well I have the Russian, the German, and the American TD lines.


This game has for many years gone down to this point.  How much xp can you make without selling your soul in premium whatever.


My best money makers... and that means no gold rounds are my German line of TD's.  My best money makers in that line (for know until WG messes with the xp/repair cost) are the T6 Nashorn and the T9 JadgTiger.  Secondaries are  Hetzer, Stug III,  Flatpanzer, T8-Rombie.


I do NOT like the T-9 Grille nor the E-100 as they are a waste of time and money as I own them both.  Maybe 5 years ago they be fine but with the current RUSSIAN TANK OF THE MONTH BS.... they can't make any real money in this game.


I do enjoy the Russian line and the American line and for different reasons.  But right now, this game it is not worth the time and effort to grind up as I use too because of the changes of WG business model.


It's too bad that they are losing their wallet warriors due to greed. I'm glad that I don't have an invested interest into this game as I only have 4 premium tanks.  Two that I purchased back in 2014 and two T2's given to me by WG.  I could have bought more but I saw where this premium BS was leading too.  Even back then... Too bad not many people did when they have 40+ premium tanks that soon will mean nothing in game.


Get it? 


The whole aspect of this game now is to squeeze every penny out of you.  To make you think on how much money you want to put into this game and also the entire broken gaming mechanics that frustrates you to what level you want to play.


Mark GFL Said it best in his most recent video about WG business model. 


When I do play this game it is the approach of not spending any money in it.  And to do that I only choose the tanks I can make money... WIN or LOSE.


The Nashorn and the Jadgtiger are the money makers  for me in the TD lines.

Coke_a_Cola #26 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:49


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Just grind up the non-turreted American line, stop at the T-95, up-grade everything, 

Find a two buddies with T-95's platoon like hell and have fun 

OEFArmy #27 Posted Jun 06 2018 - 20:20

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The fact that anyone here is suggesting anything other than the Object 268 V4 line is simply ridiculous.  If you are starting a TD line from scratch in the current WOT meta, you start with the line previously mentioned.

*** Please drop the arty alltogether, we have enough of that nightmare in the game as is.

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