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Over 1 Year Later, 3-5-7 MM Is A Failure

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Liberty75 #61 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 23:06


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View PostLpBronco, on Jun 18 2018 - 05:39, said:

I'm not looking for vehicle by vehicle parity and if anything this would once again be a stifling way to create matches. Weighted matchmaking itself should achieve relative equality as similarly weighted vehicles should also fill similar roles but we all know that different vehicles can fill several roles. Some of the vehicle class modifiers with the previous matchmaking would be sufficient to provide randomness while still achieving relative team parity.


I agree with you. I'm just trying to accommodate the players that hated the mediums vs heavies scenarios (even though I loved that stuff). We probably can't have everything that we want. At least we should push to have more vibrant matches than we do now, and hopefully a 'one tank out of class' mechanic per tier would produce enough variety to keep the game much more vibrant than it currently is.


View PostWIZD, on Jun 18 2018 - 06:17, said:

Whenever I get a same tier battle I always have a blast. It would make grinding better as stock tanks wouldn't be as disadvantaged as when they are bottom tier. Players can always contribute to battles. If you happen to meet the three top tier tanks in the current format (as they always stick together) and your bottom tier it's gg for you. You run you die you stay and fight to try to slow them down hoping for reinforcements you die. They should at least try +-1 to see how it works. As for xp per battle if you can do more dmg you get more xp if you die in the first 2 mins of the battle your not getting xp anyway. Remember most players aren't as skilled as you if they quit out of frustration you can enjoy long queue times. I can agree with your comment but I think +-1 should at least be tried to see how things go.


Being top tier 35% of the time is great for stock tanks.


Same tier matches are fun from time to time, but +2/-2 is the best framework to allow for fun and a challenge that probably 98% of players can handle. The previous version of the MM, with the basic current team balancing mechanic, would give us an even spread of top, middle, and bottom tier matches. That is ideal. In that environment, I don't see why WG couldn't have a game option for All-Same-Tier matches to pop up randomly for players (if selected in the options), just like Assault and Encounter battles work.


LpBronco #62 Posted Jun 19 2018 - 00:27


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I'm sure that same tier matches could be accommodated easily enough by monitoring times when there is an over abundance of a particular tier that the MM could abridge any other requirements to clear the log jam. Overall the 5-8's are still the most played vehicles so why wouldn't you expect some of the +/-1 and same tier templates to be employed randomly?


The only stipulation that I would make is that these matches not be assigned an on tier battle tier distinction and the games be recorded as a +1 or +2 game. A one tier game is still much harder than a typical +/-2 game for the top tier tanks. That way the game would still owe you a top tier game after one of these matches.

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