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Beginners Guide to tanks and lines. (2018)

beginner guide tank lines tanks lines 2018 premium italian equipment crew skills

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SecretSword #1 Posted May 27 2018 - 17:09


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Let me start by saying that i have around 10k games total, my recents are around 1400 wn8, and i've helped several people get into the game. These are my opinions on idiot proof tanks that are not awful to grind and good to learn the game with. You should play your first 2k games in these tanks before buying or grinding into tier 6, as the game gets infinitely more punishing when facing tier 8's, and which tanks you play depends on your skill, playstyle, and game knowledge. I don't recommend tanks in this list that require anything other than basic point and shoot skills to be moderately successful. You can make mistakes and still have a decent game at bottom tier. My Alt account was 300+ games in Italian tanks only.


I recommend the Italian Line first and foremost. They have really bouncy armor, they crap on the seal clubbing tanks early on (except the t67) such as the luchs, pz1c, and etc tier for tier, and they have great guns. The tier 5 is lackluster and crap, but worth pushing through for the amazing tier 6 and 7.
At tier 1, make sure you research both tanks before purchasing either of them. Put vents on the tier 1 and 2 tanks. Don't worry about other equipment at tiers 1 and 2.
Make sure you give your crew View range first and foremost as a skill, then go for snapshot and smooth ride. Afterward concealment then repairs. Don't worry about retraining, sixth sense, or brothers in arms at tiers 1 and 2.
Make the L6/40 your second tank (since it can use the FIAT3000 crew), and retrain the FIAT3000 crew onto this tank (at least 75%, don't ever use a 50% crew), get the top gun and research the tier 3. Learn the game at this tier if you can and enjoy the tank. Also play the medium tank. If you're feeling like you want to spend 10 dollars, go get the starter bundle and use the credits to help you play this line and the gold to retrain the crew to 100%. 
At tier 3 get the top gun and load a good mix of each ammo type, at least 10 of each (you shouldn't be loading premium, at least not more than 3).
When you get to the tier 4 
(M26/40) Use the top gun MOSTLY WITH HE, about 5 prem (if you feel like it) and 3-10 AP (if you like).
Main Tanks i recommend are: 
The M4 Sherman (with 105mm HE ONLY and some Heat)
The KV1 (good armor and guns 3-10 HE with some AP/Prem)
The PzIVH (with the 10.5 HE ONLY with some Heat)
The Pz1C (with autoloader top gun 10 HE rest AP)
The Luchs (with 3cm autoloader 10 HE rest AP)
The M26/40 (with top gun HE ONLY)
The Hetzer (with 10.5cm Mix of ammo HE with 3 Heat/AP)
Hardest lines to get to:
KV1 (the tier 4 is not good)
M4 (the tier 4 is horrible)
PzIVH (the tier 4 is good light tank, but has a bad gun)
M5 Stuart with top gun (Tier IV)
Chaffee with Top gun (V)
Mediums (IV, V)
M4 with Derp gun (105mm) HE ONLY (I'm sorry about the M3 lee)
M3Lee with top gun (put a good crew in this tank, use vents, it doesn't get better, look up guides to making it work)
Patriot (Heavy) Best in game (Arguably) bad crew trainer
Chrysler (Heavy) Good tank, needs some love. Good crew trainer.
Fury (Medium) These come with 100% BIA Crews, great crew trainer also.
Thunderbolt (Medium) Same as above. Better armor.
Lights  (Tier IV)
PZ38NA with 5cm L/60 AP/HE Mix
PZK II Luchs with 3cm mk 103 AP/HE Mix
Mediums (Tier 5)
Pz IV H with 10.5 cm MOSTLY HE with some Prem/AP if desired.
Heavies (Tier 6 only)
VK 36.01 H with 8.8 cm (laserbeam)
Tank Destroyers (Tier 4 only)
Hetzer with 10.5 cm 10HE 5 Prem 5 AP works for me. 15 HE 5 Prem is ideal.
Premiums (Tier 8 only)
Skorpion G (TD) Great tank, horrible crew trainer.
Lowe (Heavy) Great all around.
T80 with Top Gun (Good armor up the line)
T34 with 57mm zis (great DPM, dont brawl heavies in the front)
KV1 (tier 5) with 122mm or 85mm
T34-85m (Great armor, great dpm, only outmatched by the cromwell)
Defender (one of the best tier for tier)
T127 Bundle
Starter Bundle
Once you've gotten all these tanks, upgraded them, and played your first 2000 games in total, then i recommend heading into tier 6. 
Which tanks you like will depend largely on how much you liked the previous tank, how compatible the crew is with the new tank, and what tank role you enjoy most. 
If you guys want more guides like this let me know, if you have any criticisms please share, and if i forgot something please let me know. 
Remember, this is a list of tanks anyone can do well in during their first 2k games, and that don't require an immense knowledge of the game.
I did not want a list of the BEST tank tier for tier, or the best tanks in general. Just good tanks that can be forgiving.
If you're literally brand new to the game here are a few pointers:
Follow your team, shoot at what they shoot at, and remember that if you're dying you're doing something wrong (don't blame your team).
As a general rule of thumb, don't ever crest a hill. Let your opponents crest the hill and you shoot at them and dip behind cover.
Don't try to take shots at things that are aiming at you.
If you turn a corner or move from behind a rock and get shot, or see enemies (take a shot and back up), get back behind cover and try to leave, or wait for support (you shouldn't be by yourself remember?)
Learn spotting mechanics, and unicum advice by watching YouTube videos (Taugrim, lemming preferred, but they're not the only ones and i recommend doing other research).
In the beginning, use o7gaming.com > maps > and find your role and which position you should be playing in. If you dont know exactly, go to the general square and find a rock/bush.
DO NOT buy premium vehicles or gold until you've gotten your first tier 6 RESEARCHED. Buying premium packages or account time is perfectly fine and recommended.
Don't race up the tech trees (like i did) or you'll hate the game and regret the money you've spent.
Don't buy tier 8 tanks "because they're good" or "they're the best tier for tier" or "they're good credit makers". Buy premium tanks that are good (yes) but that you're also grinding the line.
Don't buy premiums simply because others say they're good credit makers. Forgive my bluntness but you're not going to be making credits in tier 8 until you have learned the game. 
Make sure the premiums you DO buy have the same or similar crew slots as the tanks you're grinding. (The Skorpion G doesn't train crews well at most tiers early on)
If you're not in a heavy tank, don't lead the charge. If you're in a TD don't camp base (on most maps), go help your heavies/lights.
That's all i can think of at this point, let me know in the comments below how i did and what you thought. 

IronPanterloons #2 Posted Sep 14 2018 - 03:22


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Pretty interesting write-up. I'm pretty much where you are on total battles and I agree with you on your recommendations. I had free xp'd to the P.43, but I'm thinking about going back to tier 3 and playing them some. I have definitely not enjoyed the P.43 very much lol.

I'd suggest maybe talking about the optimum equipment and consumables loadouts for every tank you've mentioned and the reasoning behind your choices.

Good job and good luck in your battles.

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