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Time of Death, May 27th 2018, 9:30pm Pacific Time...

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scHnuuudle_bop #61 Posted May 29 2018 - 05:38


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wow, I see every day new players, tons of them. 

I have never had a 2 minute wait time, even 1am Pacific time, with 5k players on line.


Since I started playing the server population seems to be growing, 19k occasionally 20k, this weekend 22k, sure seems to be maintaining, if not growing. 


The bar to go up a tier,  exists, the experience required is in place. The only cheat is buying premium tanks to move up. Besides, what kind of a bar do you propose, can't be number of games played, plenty of players with well over 30K or more battles and stats worse than mine. Had a game the other night with a guy 106K battles, a WN8 of 150 and a WR of 43%. He was yippy do da all game on chat, seemed to be having a riotous good time.


So, it is not a private club, public battles are , well public.



BoredSights #62 Posted May 29 2018 - 05:47


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View PostSoTrue, on May 28 2018 - 22:06, said:


 ...What it will force an unskilled player to do is 'get better' before moving up.


There is no skill in playing video games especially in arcade games like WoT. Your expectations are too high. Everybody is here to play for different reasons. Where does it say we must conform to your ideals? All that is asked of us is to not kill/damage team members, don't throw games, or insult others. We are encouraged to win because the winning team earns more rewards.

VooDooKobra #63 Posted May 29 2018 - 06:39


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one big issue i have with the idea of using wr as a method of determining skill for tier advancement is pretty simple.  since there are 14 other tanks on your team, you are putting your ability to advance the tiers  in the hands of 14 other players of varying skill.  what you are expecting is a player to be good enough to carry teams thus weeding out the great unwashed you dont want to play with. 

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