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frontline arty queing

frontline FL arty

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Fluffy_Kittens #1 Posted May 30 2018 - 19:11


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so there is no secret that playing arty in defense is the easiest way to general if your any good at reading a mini map.

and because of this, there are a tonn of arty in que.


so a suggestion to fix this,  is to reduce the exp coefficient in defence resetting.




how about making the arty share the experience point accumulation with the scout that spots the tank.

and by scout, i mean light tank.

it would drop the exp earned by arty, and increase it for scouts.


in fact i would love to see scouts just get exp for scouting and not damage, since scouts just redline camp anyways.

but i dont see WG really making that happen, since far to many people dont know how to drive scouts, since random battle maps are not built around scouting, they are mostly nerfed and nerfed to make it favorable to brawl at 50-100m engagements. so scouting is something that almost no players are encouraged to do, so it never gets learned.



as a rider to this, i'd love to see that arty accuracy gets affected by the radio skill level of the tank that is spotting it.

i mean radio operators are a fairly useless mechanic in the game, may as well give them something that actually affects the game.

even go as far as making it a radio skill perk.






FrozenKemp #2 Posted May 30 2018 - 19:40


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If only the arty is getting the points for the reset, that makes sense.


As far as radio skill level, though, I'm somewhat doubtful there are that many people running around with 50 or 75% crew skills.  I could be wrong, though. 

Kamahl1234 #3 Posted May 30 2018 - 20:45


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Don't you dare touch my arty exp earnings, it's the one good way to not spend countless battles in randoms grinding.


As if you did this I'd be forced to have to play a lot more battles and you'd see more arty in randoms as a result. Hell my French Lorr only took ~12 battles to finish in FL (with boosters), where with normal earnings I'd be at maybe 40 battles to finish it. 


I earn nearly double my average exp due to the match setups and without even attaining general due to how the game rewards ranks. 


And why should my arty's ability to hit targets rely on the skill level of other players crew members? That's simply punishing them for the ability of others. It'd be same as having your mediums driver's skill affected by how good the gunner is on the heavy distracting the enemy. So if he can't hit accurately due to high skill, your driver loses courage and falters making flaking harder. 

Projectile_Misfired #4 Posted May 30 2018 - 20:53


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I thought resets in FL only happens when the tank either leaves the cap circle or is killed. So, by that token, only the player with the kill shot should technically get the reset credit. Arty isn't making general any time fast if they keep holding their shots in the hopes of getting the kill shot that resets the cap points.

As for the scouts, I don't think them red-line camping is as big an issue as the heavies that try red-line sniping. Any other tank can go out and spot the enemy.

The "Situational Awareness" skill for the Radio operator helps increase the tanks view-range, and, actually provides a larger increase in view-range than the "Recon" skill for the Commander. In my tanks where the Commander and Radio operator perform the same duties, I always choose "SA" over "Recon". I'll add "Recon" next, but "SA" is first.

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