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Unicum's Guide to the Chi-Nu Improved

Chi Nu Kai Guide

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haxmachine21 #1 Posted May 31 2018 - 20:22


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Alright, try number 2. I was tired when I wrote the first guide, and upon looking it over, there are MANY things I got wrong with it. Going to try it again, now that I am fully awake.


Little bit of history first. The Chi-Nu Kai was a single-prototype tank that was developed from the standard Type 3 Chi-Nu, which was Japan's largest and most HISTORICAL (cough cough O-I cough cough) medium tank. It was armed with a Type 5 75mm gun, and had a Type 4 Chi-To turret. It was successfully tested, but it never saw combat, due to all the most modern Japanese tanks being held back to defend the home islands in case of American invasion.

In-game, the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai is a Premium Tier 5 Japanese medium tank. It has 480 hitpoints, sees -2/+2mm, and has a crew of 5. Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, and Radio Operator. It costs 1500 gold in the in-game Premium shop, and it appears to be a good bargain. But let's take a look at this medium tank.



--Can train a full Japanese medium crew pretty well.

--Has excellent camo and view range when fully geared and trained up. Can act as a passive spotter if necessary.

--Has a decent 75mm gun with good penetration and decent damage.

--Premium rounds are cheap.

--Uses Premium AP, meaning the shots pen better at long distances over APCR. (Thank you Hurk for pointing that out!)

--Turret has enough armor to get some odd bounces.



--Slower and more sluggish than normal medium tanks.

--Is very fragile. Derp guns and artillery will wreck you.

--Boxy armor. Only smaller shots will not pen.

--Will struggle slightly when mid tier, and be heavily outmatched when bottom tier.

--Hull armor is not good for how much it weighs.

--Only -6 degrees of gun depression.


While the Chi-Nu Kai seems to be definite improvement (Kai actually does mean Improved), looks can be deceiving. It is considered to be one of the most pointless premiums in the game...essentially only a premium version of a fully upgraded Chi-Nu with barely any differences. It has a few advantages that can be utilized if played correctly, though.

One way to play it is as a mid-range sniper. The gun is relatively accurate, and can deal out consistent damage. And thanks to having good view range and camo, the Chi-Nu Kai can do pretty well in the sniping role. However, when it is spotted, it is slow, and it is hard for it to get away. Combine that with terrible gun depression, and you practically have to be on TOP of a hill to get shots, meaning sniping can be risky and a roll of the dice. Only take shots when you know you won't be spotted, or when you know you can get away when spotted.

The other way to play it is as a supporting medium. You can be somewhat close to the action, tracking enemies or hitting them when they poke out to get shots on your allies. However, this, just like sniping, is still a considerable risk. You are fragile, meaning tanks like the M4, Wolverine, or Sherman III, all armed with derp guns, could easily cut you in half. And heavies like the O-I Exp. and Churchill can easily out trade you and block your shots. Use your larger allies as cover and help keep enemies tracked.

Finally, the Chi-Nu Kai can spot, to an extent....and only when fully trained with camo and spotting perks, along with modules that help with view range. I have spotted on several occasions, and it works decently. As long as you hold your fire and are well-positioned in double-bushes, you can get away with spotting for artillery and tank destroyers. However, have an escape plan ready....and do your best to find a hard cover position near your bush cover. You may need to use it.


When top tier, you can be a little more risky with your playstyle and actually play as a medium tank. However, it is recommended that you still be careful and use caution. You are not as fast as a Crusader, and you are not as 'well armored' as an M4. Play like they are, and you will pay dearly for it.

Mid and bottom tier play the same. You act as a mid-range sniper or spotter, supporting your larger teammates and lighting up long-range targets for them or tracking tanks so your team can neutralize them. Do NOT play aggressively. A Chi-Nu Kai is nothing more than free damage for higher tier enemies. Don't grant them the pleasure of easy damage.


In regards to modules, crew skills, and ammo, here is what you should use.

A Gun Rammer, Coated Optics, and Vents will all help with the Chi-Nu Kai's ability to snipe and spot, which will help when at higher tiers. A Rammer and Vents will help with RoF and DPM, and Coated Optics will increase view range.

For crew skills, the 1st round should be Sixth Sense, Situational Awareness, and Concealment on all other crew members. The 2nd round should include Smooth Ride, Snap Shot, Intuition (for quickly switching to Premium AP in higher tier matches) and then Concealment on all other crew. Once at the 3rd round, go for BiA, or you can train skills like Recon, Safe Stowage, and Deadeye, to name a few. And finally, with ammunition, load up 26 AP, 20 Premium AP, and then 8 HE.

Here are a few pointers as well:

--Platoon-play is recommended, as you can spot for your platoonmates, and they can, in turn, spot for you.

--Use bushes and other concealment to the max. The Chi-Nu Kai has a significant amount of camo (almost as good as a fully optimal M7 without camo paint, which is a light tank), and it should certainly be utilized.

--Have a plan of retreat. All the time. You are fragile, slow, and will need time to fall back.

--ONLY play the Chi-Nu Kai if you are ready for a challenge. It is nothing like normal medium tanks, and takes a lot of work to master and get used to. I tried to 3-Mark it a month ago, playing it the exact opposite way that it should be played. I could not get above 80%. This time, I played it like a sniper/supporter....and it worked.


Replays are few and far between, as good battles in the Kai are not common...but I do have a couple from my 3 MoE grind.

Example of close-range top tier mid-range sniping and support. http://wotreplays.eu...pe_3_chi-nu_kai

Playing the Kai in Paris...meaning mostly close-range support. http://wotreplays.eu...pe_3_chi-nu_kai


All in all, the Chi-Nu Kai can certainly have an effect...but it cannot be played as a conventional medium. Anywhere outside of those strategies, and you will get roasted.

Hope you guys enjoy this. Like I said, I was tired the first time and thought I could make this guide in one night. Hopefully this one is better.

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