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An American Reflection

4th of July fast approching

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Carrier_Lexington #21 Posted Jun 02 2018 - 15:57


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Gone are the days when being respectful to others around you was expected of you; when people were held liable for what they said and did instead of hiding behind the over-inflated shield of "Free Speech" and complain about censorship; when corporations were busted using Anti-trust laws so they couldn't be bigger-than and a controlling interest in Government, and when at least one of the choices in elections had platforms that helped society rather than serving their own interests.


Some people even have the nerve to complain about Vet treatment while also complaining about censorship. Let me tell you, in the Military, the real Military, not the action-movie-fantasy Military, you are required to be respectful and disciplined to the people around you regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. If you aren't, it's an OTH Discharge for a pattern of misconduct, meaning that you forfeit most or all of your benefits, are ineligible for VA, and cannot re-enlist. If it gets very bad, you could be facing a Bad Conduct Discharge or Dismissal Notice, depending on if you're Enlisted or an Officer, respectively. 


Do you know why? Two reasons:

  1. The US Military is one of the most prominent ways in which other countries view and judge Americans as a people. Thus, all of its members are expected and required to be the best possible representation of the American People at all times.
  2. Abuse, Hazing, Bullying, et cetera all break cohesion and reduce squadron performance, something which is absolutely unacceptable. Frankly, it doesn't matter if the door gunner is purple and identifies as a pineapple; so long as it isn't affecting their performance, it is none of your business. If you can't cope with that, you're the problem, and the Military doesn't like problems.




ElPuffMo #22 Posted Jun 02 2018 - 16:02

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My home certainly has lots of flaws, but I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was born here and not in any other country. Thank you for the rally and reminders, OP. 

woofman34 #23 Posted Jun 02 2018 - 16:32

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View PostElPuffMo, on Jun 02 2018 - 09:02, said:

My home certainly has lots of flaws, but I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was born here and not in any other country. Thank you for the rally and reminders, OP. 



Cognitive_Dissonance #24 Posted Jun 02 2018 - 16:41


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View Posttruecanuck, on Jun 02 2018 - 07:03, said:

You are right about their transgressions in the past. You cannot judge history with the morals today. The difference is with few exceptions all the other countries acknowledge what has transpired. 

Sadly the USA has not.




Ever heard of a dusty little town called Khartoum? Where Charles George Gordon garnered fame as "Gordon of Khartoum" trying to advance the Silk Road initiatives of Great Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire by controlling the Blue and White Nile?


This is where one young and impressionistic Winston Churchill got to see the effectiveness of the then brand spanking new Maxim Water cooled Machine Gun. He witnessed first hand how quickly it would slaughter hundreds, and eventually thousands of primitive Mujaheddin while they charged with nothing more than pikes, spears and swords in massed human waves, great practice for the slaughter that would unfold in the trenches of WWI. This was the relief force that came to Gordon's aid . . . much too late. But, the British escapades in this area of the Sudan would set the stage for many imperialistic attempts to control it, and subsequently set the stage for multiple popular uprisings of Mujaheddin and radicalism that persists to this day.


So lets see, slaughter of primitive Mujaheddin, led by a charismatic "Mahdi" that wanted nothing more than to create an Islamic Caliphate to free his people from the yoke of Imperial control, and unit his people in a grand religious empire stretching all the way to Egypt, and even into Turkey/Ottoman. This is what is known as the "Victorian Jihad" that lasted from the 1860's into the 1890's - thirty years of constant warfare, puppet governments and colonial expansion for industrial and trade control over valuable resources including the Suez canal.


Boy, that doesn't sound familiar, or an analog to the very same things occurring today at all!!!



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