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LemmingRush - Cent 7/1 Review: Or a Discussion on Hull Down Tactics

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Boghie #1 Posted Jun 03 2018 - 15:10


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Re(1):  'Reviewing The Mighty Jingles' Favorite Tank - The Centurion 7/1', LemmingRush


Sometimes one thing is another when looked at in different perspective. 


Is the LemmingRush review of the Centurion 7/1 a ‘tank review’.  Yes, it absolutely is.  It is a good review, well thought out, and honest.


But, for those of us learning the game this ‘review’ might be the best practical examination of ‘hull down tactics’ I have experienced.  I have asked for – and received – guidance on hull down tactics here and elsewhere.  That advice was quite good – but, it was kinda scholarly.  I did ask the wrong question.  Namely, how do you know when you are ‘hull down’.  The response emphasized the view from the gun sight and using that view to advance only till you can target the enemy..  However, early on I was still getting nailed by the enemy.  I’ve gotten much better at it by running the ridges in parallel and popping over in new locations, by limiting time over the ridge, and by accepting the RNG on snap shots.  The how and why of it is well covered in this video – which LemmingRush could easily title ‘The Practical Guide to Hull Down Tactics’.  Here is why:


  • There is a symbiotic relationship between hull down and aim time – not reload time.  It is obvious to the experienced people in this forum that aim time is important when using hull down positions.  But, us Noobs like to post up on the hill like Shaquille O’Neal and use our M4’s 12% gun depression and shoot, load, shoot, load, shoot, load, shoot….  The problem is that we are using damage per minute rather than snap shots – and our minute lasts only 20 seconds.  Our offensive maneuver goes like this:  shoot, load, take a hit, shoot, take a hit, start another load and go back to the garage while someone slams you in chat.  Covered in this video are the important equipment and crew skills for using hull down tactics offensively.  You have to get aiming speed down and snap shot the enemy – NOT out DPM him.  And, you have to accepted the increased negative effects of RNG on those snap shots.  Fully aiming or trying to out DPM an enemy when you have multiple enemies in line of sight is a very dangerous technique.
  • Hull down is meant for the entire field of fire – it is not limited to those you want to attack.  In concert with the above, most Noobs (me) fixate on the near threat – the one that can maneuver and gang up on you.  We Noobs go hull down on the near enemy – carefully using the gun sight to give that guy the smallest target possible – but the far enemy sees a nice juicy lower plate to bang on.  Yummy.  So, you have to have the patience to scrape (kill) the far enemy before targeting the near foe.  Once they are cleared from the battlefield you can run higher on the ridge to start on the near targets.
  • Hull down is useful on a declining ridge – and, when to take a fully aimed shot.  If you are starting to get pushed on the edges of a hill/ridge you must deal with it before they get the commanding position on you and your team.  When you see that the enemy can roll around the flank use your speed and situational awareness to configure your position hull down on the decline of the ridge.  And, if the target is distracted take a fully aimed shot.  A ridge position is untenable if the flanks are blown.
  • Finally, you must be offensive when playing hull down.  If you go ‘full defense’ the enemy does not care about you.  They will either hold the position – if they have fewer tanks or less capable tanks – or push you on the flanks and from offensive hull down positions.  If you are passive you are known and you are a target.


So, yes, the technical aspect of creating a hull down position is to use your sights - but, the tactical technique of making use of a hull down position is multi-faceted.  This video documents what I have learned by real death (to use a Kovac's term :-)).  In fact, I think I now can be more frontal in this tactic now that I know I have to concentrate early on the far enemy.  


Happy Hunting...

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oldewolfe #2 Posted Jun 03 2018 - 15:40


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I like my 7/1....     I also bought mine back after I got the Credits back up and a Crew together....      That was Planned all along, but the Comet Crew wasn't ready until I got Tired of the Comet and the issue was Forced....


No, I can't say I do Stellar in it...    But as late the Teams are Garbage so I just Play it on Occasion, do my Damage, amd Move On....      


I like the Hull Down Tanks, I have been doing Fair in them and Like Lemming I tend to pick the Easier Targets to Hit without Breaking the Crest.....     Somedays it's not an Option though....     I do also wish the Hull were a bit less Squishy for Sidescrapping, but wish in one Hand right....


I do like the AX as well, I really wish it didn't have HEAT, but whatta ya gonna do....    I myself Prefer the HESH over HEAT, I don't see as much of the Issue with it that he did, but I also tend to not Waste Shots for the sake of Shooting either....     I'd rather I hit with everything I aim than give RNG a Double Down on my Shots.....          I tend to Flank whenever Possible as well as I prefer the Soft Parts to Head On if I can get them.....


Have my Prog 65 at a 77% HR, and a 68% on my 7/1, I don't like not Hitting what I aim at just as much as Non Pen's and Bounces....      But you can't Defeat RNG everyShot, so I defeat it when I can....



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