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Frontline: Road to Glory Ends


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__WarChild__ #21 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 16:07


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I do not need this but I think it would be cool if when you start out on the beach, the guns (objectives) are firing at you or maybe ships in the ocean.  If the graphics team could implement periodic firing of those guns, I think that would be pretty cool.  Not necessary, but just neat.  No biggie.

Peltonx #22 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 16:11


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I'll be back when Frontlines returns, as for the rest of the game BORING... no thanks.


Finally something great and you drop it and keep the boring crap - you guys are tring to fail ???

Dnozo #23 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 16:25


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I enjoyed playing Frontline very much with  one frustration, With  regards to everyone forgetting the main objective and then losing the cap area to the enemy .Perhaps something could be worked out when your capturing or defending  the  flag those tanks around a small perimeter would earn points towards rank faster as an incentive for them to be in the cap area.. I'm sure it would make more people want the points for rank and be there for them.


 then those that sneak over to the next map or hide (camping) This would encourage more players to be at the cap. Of course you always need those who fight from the high places during  battle,


I enjoy playing WOT with my friends and enjoy all the special things you do like this Frontline battling

. thankyou, Dnozo

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R00K_2016 #24 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 16:29


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I loved the mode, partially because it was different and fun but I think the biggest thing it highlighted was how much fun it would be to play against same tier tanks every day.  It would be a great test to change regular game matchmaking to same tier first choice, 5-10 matchmaking after that. Keep it +1/-1 for a month to see if we enjoy it and it works.  If it causes problems add the 3-5-7 back in as a 3rd choice last resort situation.  I think the game would be enjoyable and not as miserable as most days when you can penetrate tanks and compete when you are a non Unicom player and don't have pimped out tanks and crews, grinding a new tank is awful. Sure we still need to work on map additions, OP tanks whatever else people are asking for, but just fixing the tier spread I think would help not wanting to kill myself every time I play.

Also the economy was very nice in Frontline, helps a lot. Allowed me to research other tanks quicker and not have to wait a month or so for each tank sale...


Little changes seem so easy compared to the focus of Preferred matching  changes and all the odd changes that take place instead of common sense changes every player can enjoy.

The_Ref #25 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 16:33


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Absolutely loved the mode, what little time I had to play the last few weeks was spent almost exclusively in Frontline

xrays_ #26 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 16:49


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Next time, please implement the 5-person platoons as was originally promised. I know it could be more frustrating against some players, but with the increased team sizes, I believe larger platoons would ultimately even out. There were many times where we had four or five people wanting to play, and had to break into two teams and count-in - which worked a few times.


As reported many times before, there were so many technical and operational issues that need to be sorted out, but overall this is possibly the most fun I've had playing World of Tanks in the past two years. It reminded me of the old Chaffee races. I ended up playing over 300 Frontline matches, so I can safely say I enjoyed it.




Major operational issues:

   Defenders being able to return to the attacker's spawn zones after that zone has been captured is absurd.

   Zone "C" is so horribly constructed as to allow the defending team to effectively push the attackers back into the sea.

   Defenders need a 30-60 second safe zone after being captured to leave the zone - it's outrageous having to run away while being shot at, esp. in slow tanks.

Gnomon #27 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 16:59

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Hey, everyone! 


I just wanted to touch base and let you know this will not be the last you see of Frontline. We need to work on optimizing performance, and we do have a large amount of feedback and suggestions about Frontline to comb through, as well. 


Speaking of, what would you like to see in the future of Frontline? Historic Battles in Frontline, maybe? Switch up the Tiers? Maybe nation vs nation? 


Let us know what you would like to see :) 

Thennek #28 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:01


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I'm just an average player but I would REALLY agree with most of the comments here about Frontline battles. I too had grown tired of WOT after 33k battles but returned for the updated graphics and found myself still somewhat bored and frustrated with the MM issues just sucking the fun from the game. I've always enjoyed Clan Battles, Strongholds and especially the Advances format (it keeps moving the clan along without waiting and waiting and waiting... zzzzz) but Frontline really brought a new dynamic to the game play. New maps and alternative tiers would add a great dimension to it for sure. Perhaps an enhanced Clan mode beyond just platooning?  I could even see it working that both sides had objectives to take out so you're not necessarily either offense or defense. The battle could flow in either direction. Like somewhere between the Grand Battle format and Advances? IMHO I believe WOT has been around long enough (I've been playing something like 6 years) that in order to maintain excitement it needs some new innovation and creativity beyond just graphics and sound. I used to enjoy so many maps that have long since disappeared. Variety of maps is a key element that has been drifting away from the game. There's only so many times you can play random battles over and over again on the same familiar terrain.

desertfox5310 #29 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:04


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Quick question. Any chance that WG will compile every ones FL stats win rates vehicle stats etc in the future. Would be nice to see how different tanks did. also win/lose rates etc. 


eccoh #30 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:06


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Enjoyed the new game greatly.  It would be nice if it came back at different tiers as well as perhaps allowing platoons of 5.  

SpamNCan #31 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:07


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View PostGnomon, on Jun 04 2018 - 15:59, said:

Hey, everyone! 



Let us know what you would like to see :) 

-C Zone needs a fix in the height map and repair zone to prevent spawn camping/shooting into spawn of attackers.

-When the line of a zone only allow attackers to enter objectives zone of that line, all objectives open after two lines have been fully captured to prevent a platoon of scouts to destroy all objectives behind closed zones. Example: if A/D are captured, don't allow attackers to destroy objective 3/4/5 until either D or F is first captured. 

-Reduce effectiveness of Engineering, platoons of 3 scouts can rush into a capture point and take it in less than 30 seconds, not allowing defenders time to reach it for defense.

iDestroya #32 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:09


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View PostGnomon, on Jun 04 2018 - 08:19, said:

Hey everyone,


Please be aware that Frontline has officially ended and the mode has been removed from the client. We wanted to thank everyone who participated in the mode and took the time to provide feedback.


If you have any comments you'd like to share with us over Frontline, please be sure to do so in the WCFR thread here: Frontline Mode


Be sure to stay tuned for more info on upcoming events.


Hope you have a great week, and best of luck on the battlefield! 


Question for you, 


Block Quote

 When the event is over, the vehicles will be removed from players' accounts. All property (shells, consumables, and equipment) will be transferred to the Depot. Experience earned on the rental vehicles will be transferred to the T1 and MS-1 tanks. The crew will be transferred to the Barracks.


When will the FL rentals be removed?  I have equipment mounted on them and waiting for them to be demounted.


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TenDelta #33 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:13


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I've been playing since 2011.  This was the first mode that really brought me joy to play and made the game new and interesting.  I had tactical fits (smoke screen/engineering/recon).  I had tanks with bust em up fits (recon/Arty Strike/Air Strike).  I used every consumable that was available.  I ground out to the final prestige level.  This is where tier 8 tanks belong.  This is where the first big derp guns belong.  Getting in games as a tier 8 against Jagdpanzer E-100, or FV4005 is just not fun.  When you have a low chance of penning a tank from the front and you are driving a "super heavy" with a gun so inaccurate for "balance".  Add in that you will have a difficult time being accurate at all because of arty stuns.  You stack the deck for balance because of even tier fights, yet give tier 8s no chance and put them in games against T9/10 almost continuously.  Trying to force people to use premium ammo and pay their way to victory.  I'm trying not to be bitter here, but I can't ignore the facts staring at me dead in my face.  Anyway, GG, I'm not going to threaten to leave or make ultimatums to stay.  I'm just going to hope WargamingNA can help talk some sense into the developers over in RU.  Thanks for the fun mode and showing that things can be different!

SafariJohn #34 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:13

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Unlike seemingly all the other people commenting here, FL renewed my appreciation of random battles. Once I finished the third tier I was quite happy to be done with the mode.

3d0g #35 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:15

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I enjoyed the mode.  It gave an impression of how Blitzkrieg must have felt to Wehrmacht tankers.  I liked being able to re-spawn.  I liked the single tier MM.  I didn't like that many Attackers could not get over their reluctance to cap, or their reluctance to die while trying to cap, held over from Random Battles, no doubt.

I think it might be worth consideration to make a campaign version, where you progress through, say, some of the current maps linked together in a similar way.

sometims_naive #36 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:21


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Yay more chew toys for Bobject and the upcoming 277!

ZuprCzar #37 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:30


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Frontline showed how dull, boring, uninteresting, monotonous and tedious random battles are.  You need to bring frontline back.  How about a different tier next time, like tier 7.

sudros #38 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:42

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View PostZuprCzar, on Jun 04 2018 - 12:30, said:

Frontline showed how dull, boring, uninteresting, monotonous and tedious random battles are.  You need to bring frontline back.  How about a different tier next time, like tier 7.


I agree. Frontlines brought me back to the game. I was gone for just about 2 years before I came back for the new graphics and maps. Then when Frontlines hit, it was awesome. I would love to see it back and would love to see it at other tiers as well. Hell, from tier 5's on up even. Well maybe not that low, but mix it up a bit. I loved this mode and look forward to it coming back, and maybe making it a permanent feature. Thanks WG, you did this one right... now fix the MM for randoms and we are golden  :)

bilzbobaggins #39 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:42

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I thought it was fairly interesting.  But at the same time, fairly frustrating.  I think cleaning up the bugs will go a long way to fixing the frustrating for me.


While forgetting to set up tanks with crews is MY fault, it would be nice to toss a crew in a tank if I forgot to do it ahead of time, during the match.


And I know this makes me most likely an anomaly, but arty rarely gets under my skin in a pub match.  But, good god, I found myself getting angry in this mode with some frequency.  Im not even sure at this point what I would do to ease my rage, but I shall ponder that idea.


And yes, make it so my awful laptop I play on at work can run the mode.  It was crashville the first time I rolled the dice and didnt heed the warning that popped up.


My two cents.



pR1mal_ #40 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 18:14


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View PostGnomon, on Jun 04 2018 - 16:59, said:



Speaking of, what would you like to see in the future of Frontline? Historic Battles in Frontline, maybe? Switch up the Tiers? Maybe nation vs nation? 


Let us know what you would like to see :) 


Yes,  yes,  yes.  All of those would be great.


But please  add at least one more map. Preferably two new maps.    I'd like to see a desert map,  and map with forested hedgerow country and city sections.   After hitting max FL level I had grown a bit tired of that single map.

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