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The L-60 Month-Long Special

L-60 sale premium shop

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Winterx #21 Posted Jun 08 2018 - 21:52


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This tank has always been an event giveaway (i.e. a "Special" tank). WoT is converting all event tanks into mere "premium" tanks by making them purchasable in the premium shop.

Dear all at Wargaming,

we have "normal", i.e. tech tree tanks, "premium", i.e. purchasable tanks and "special", i.e. tanks that are event-bound or that one could win as part of a contest of mission.
Please stop tossing all of those around back and forth, like s, as not only does it make it overly confusing over time but also does it make everything subject to pay2play... and where there is pay2play, people will start crying "pay2win" and "WG is running out of cash" in no time!

Many thanks in advance and thank you for your understanding.

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Austin8585 #22 Posted Jun 08 2018 - 22:28


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Here's an idea.  How about NA getting tank discounts, crew discounts, or equipment.  It has been over 3 months for discounts and I won't play till you bring them back.  Just check my stats if you don't believe me.

I will wait until the SALE comes, so just keep screwing NA and my wallet is closed and I am off playing other games.

WG is so stupid bundling worthless tanks to make $, instead of fixing real problems that will return players to the game.  I haven't spent any $ with you since Christmas Boxes.  You want to screw us on sales/discounts/crew etc my wallett is closed!!  Only cash you will get is the morons that will soon learn how you screw NA over!
NA got a X3 this weekend, this is what EU got this weekend folks!  Do you think I am going to go around and tell anyone about WOT?  Hell no you rip us off!  We pay 80% more to play the same game due to you consistently screwing us over on rewards.  No $ from me!!!! I spent over $300 in the past but I will not pay someone so I can bend over for them!  -Just keep rewards away and watch your NA server fade away, nobody here is going to pay full price for this, its a ripoff.  I'll just continue to play what I already have using your server resources giving nothing to support you.  I have 0 gold in my account and it will stay that way if you are going to be like this, I'm fine with not spending any $$ on this game anymore if this is how we get treated.



50% Discount
On regular Tier V Medium Tanks
30% Discount
On regular Tier VI-VII Medium Tanks
x3 XP
First Win

Coywolfie #23 Posted Yesterday, 05:15 PM


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