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Dear WG Re: campaign

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Poll: The price issue (159 members have cast votes)

Should WG charge 4k bonds to buy the tank after you have earned it?

  1. No (34 votes [21.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 21.38%

  2. F*ck No (75 votes [47.17%])

    Percentage of vote: 47.17%

  3. Yes (31 votes [19.50%])

    Percentage of vote: 19.50%

  4. Yes, but for a much lower price (19 votes [11.95%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.95%

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lorddeprive #21 Posted Jun 08 2018 - 08:16


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posttender #22 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 04:34


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Grinding in a campaign to get a chance at a tank is fk'd. The campaign should deliver the tank not a bond hunt. With out a bond event, there will be people who turned out for their clans, did the time and earn a tank, only to not get one because they can't earn bonds fast enough. Disappointing to say the least. Just another example of WG dangling a prize, getting people to play utilizing gold, only to pull it back from the weaker players. 

MOMOLAND_Nancy #23 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 22:35

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Baddies be always complaining dont even need to be that good to do well in thia game :^)

raymee101 #24 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 18:39

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frontline gave out thousands of bonds for some fun matches at tier 8, so how does anyone not have bonds for the campaign???  It was really easy getting them in frontline mode, hell the first few days you could get over 100 in single match.  It was so easy to get they had to nerf the amount from the mode.  Combine that with 10 to 15 a match at tier 10 and bonds are simple to get, hell im spending 400 to 600 a week just moving bond gear around on other tanks.

SGarv #25 Posted Jun 25 2018 - 20:14


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View PostKamahl1234, on Jun 07 2018 - 21:45, said:

These tanks are "rewards" much like a certification is a "reward". It's like an achievement that you can recognize as meaning something, but you still have to pay for it. In this case it'd be like going for the certification, but also getting paid to do it at the end, so you basically win a free or heavily discounted certificate cost. 


Not all rewards are free. Unlocks for example are rewards for attaining X requirement, but what you unlock doesn't always come free. These tanks are rewards for reaching a certain level of competitive CW play. 


No rewards are free. By definition a reward is given after having done something. Gifts are free.

yewchung #26 Posted Sep 03 2018 - 06:34


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I doubt you anyone have that much bonds left.

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