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Why the Defender is punished?

team kill defending ally damage temp ban broken protection system

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LeaveIT2Beaver #21 Posted Jun 08 2018 - 15:39


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Paladin1954 #22 Posted Jun 08 2018 - 15:53

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View PostMacDaddyMatty, on Jun 08 2018 - 09:04, said:


1) Name and shame will get you a strike by the moderators. delete this quick!


2) Just ignore it. It makes them angry when they get no reaction.


Didn't name any player.It's up to the clan leadership to police their scumbags.They even made it into an episode of Claus Kellermans biggest a--hole series

GeorgePreddy #23 Posted Jun 08 2018 - 19:28


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View Postquicklysaw6, on Jun 08 2018 - 07:14, said:

Why is it that tankers are punished when defending themselves?


Because it is practically impossible for a computer program to determine intent. To determine who was at fault in any altercation would take a human "referee", and WG is not going to provide expensive humans enough to referee millions of battles per month.


Therefore, they use an automated system that is imperfect but very cheap. It punishes all team damage, whether "right" or "wrong", with intent not taken into account.

Austin8585 #24 Posted Jun 12 2018 - 03:46


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Team damage rarely happens.  If it is happening to you often it's likely because you did something dumb.  But fact is it does happen every once in a while with the best players.  I have that mod that won't allow me to shoot teammates in case I am zoomed in and they pull in the way and I don't see them etc.  But just today, was doing a battle and I pulled the trigger and a friendly LT drove in my path, my bullet left before he crossed into it, or I couldn't have shot.  I was zoomed in and had no idea  he was going to come into my sights at 50kph.  And usually when you get shot you can say, yeah, I kinda deserved that, unless you really are that clueless.  Accidents happen.

I just look at them and keep driving, no reason to egg it on, take 2 tanks out of the game, and take a chance on losing it.  Just move on let morons be morons, 99% of the time I say sorry when I shoot someone though, if it was my bad.  And if your face-hugging your likely to get hit by teammates trying to help getting rng when you are that close.  Look at your own play.

Tedsc #25 Posted Jun 12 2018 - 14:49

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View PostLesser_Spotted_Panzer, on Jun 08 2018 - 12:07, said:


So protecting yourself is wrong?




All you can really do is try your best to play in spite of the jerk teammate and report them.  Firing back only hurts you.  Your game is already kinda down the tube anyway if a teammate takes most of your HP so don't risk the ban penalty.  If you meet up with the player again next battle, time to switch to a different tier cluster.  

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