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crazy but are bots better than people?

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Boghie #21 Posted Jun 11 2018 - 22:12

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You are correct.  However, I believe Coco witnesses teamwork by its horrid lack.  It is extremely difficult to play Tiers I -> probably IV because there is no skillset to generate even marginal teamwork between two or three proximal players.  My problem is when this happens in Tiers V+.  Guido1212 has a series he calls 'Miserable Monday'.  The first skit in this weeks episode perfectly demonstrates teamwork by its pathetic lack:


Miserable Monday, 2018/06/11.  Or, as I would title the fist skit:  They hung me out to dry.


This is a Tier IX game.  I have only played one game in Tier VII - I know I am not all that yet.  Anyway, the only 'teamwork' required was for the heavies, mediums, and the rest of that pack to move where they are expected.  When you have no comms, and you cannot practice together you must at least do the expected so your 'team' can work with the known.  That is it.  There really is only one thing to do.  Why not do it?  What was the other plan?  It is a very marginal use of the term teamwork, but I take what I get.  This is really the only thing at this point that bothers me about WoT and it does tilt me sometimes.


At least Bots programmed to follow a 'leader' would have fought and held that area.  That is teamwork:hiding:





cocobabygirl #22 Posted Jun 12 2018 - 01:22


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Wow Pipinghot clap clap clap Very well explained and soooo on point.  Thank you for such a great input to exactly what I was trying to express.  Wow......... Also Boghie hit some points as to why I thinks bots are better than people

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