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Fixing the Comrades: Three Soviet Tanks Get Adjusted

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themusgrat #61 Posted Jun 12 2018 - 05:08


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The V4 nerf is not a real thing, they purposefully introduced it as OP, so that people who loved the 263 would say things like "this sucks, but at least the V4 looks like a beast." Now, they nerf it, because who is going to bring the 263 up again? And they've done what they wanted, they killed the 263 because it was a unique tank they didn't know how to balance, they avoided a riot in doing so, and now they make sure that the V4 isn't OP.

SpectreHD #62 Posted Jun 12 2018 - 17:05


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So when will you guys "Fix the Freedom"? The US tree is a mess.


It is missing its iconic Cold War tank, the M60A1, while the other nations got their Leopard 1, AMX-30, Chieftain (when you guys finally implement it and as a tech tree vehicle). The M60A2 would also fit just nice as well.


It has heavy tanks as "TDs". The T30 HEAVY tank should be put back as a Tier X heavy. It's 155mm should be like the E-100's 15cm and an option to have a 120mm with more penetration considering the 120mm had more penetration than the 155mm in real life.


GMCs (M10, M18, M36) which should behave like mediums (light for the M18), force to maneuver like they have broken steering wheels.


The T110E5 is horrendous looking. I hoped it going HD would fix it but nope. Its cupola should look like the ones on the T110E3/4 and not the current "oscillating" cupola that would aim to the sky if it points backwards instead of the one it has now. Furthermore, the T110 project was a rival project to the T43 project, which gave us the M103, so the T110E5 should not look like a smaller M103.


There are so many real medium tank prototypes that were built and tested like the T95/96 medium tanks and T54 variants. But what we got out of those? The T95E6 made into a CW reward.


All the while the Russian tree gets more Tier Xs.:sceptic:


It's okay. The NA server is just for milking that USD. Why should potentially the most diverse nation tree have more tanks. More Objects is what we need.

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Blackhorse_One_ #63 Posted Jun 12 2018 - 17:47


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US Tier VI Premium TD M6B1 ... The real Jackson ...

stratovaious #64 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 20:52


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View PostGravtech, on Jun 08 2018 - 18:58, said:


The Obj 268 V4 was announced 2-3 months before it came to the live server. It's also been on the live server for 4. If you can't get the tank in 6-7 months then you didn't actually want the tank, you only wanted it once everyone found out it was broken. Since this is obviously the case what right do you have to complain? 


Also, seal clubbing is a thing at tier X? 


Really dude just shove your obvious bias.

Professor_Moar_Arty #65 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 00:36


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we want the 268v4 to be involved in more close/medium fights


so we nerfed its speed.........



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