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Carbornium WOT Skins

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carbornium #1 Posted Jun 10 2018 - 04:01


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Here are my skins that you can download on Curseforge. Link below the image


Any troubles installing them, watch the how to video:


American tanks

T34 Heavy, History Skin


T30 TD, Carbornium Skin


M5, scout NY Taxi colour


Chaffee, Patriot

Pershing, Desert Storm


Hellcat, Zombie Resident Evil


T67, Carbornium Edition


T110 E3, Carbornium Edition


T49 Scout, Carbornium Edition


M44 Arty, Coffee Van


M12, Arty Circus Trump

British tanks
Cromwell, Carbornium Skin


Arty FV304, Colour Skin


Czech tanks


T50/51, white Carbornium Skin


French tanks


Bat Chat 25t, Carbornium Skin


ELC AMX, Carbornium Skin


ELC EVEN90, Carbornium Skin



German tanks


Hummel SPG, History Skin


Tiger I (new since 1.0), History Skin


Tiger II, History Skin


Marder II, History Skin 'Kohlenklau'


Marder III, History Skin


Marder III, Carbornium Skin


Hetzer, History Skin 1945


Jagdpanther, Carbornium Colour Skin



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SkaerKrow #2 Posted Jun 20 2018 - 05:25


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Those are pretty nice skins. They aren't my usual cup of tea, but I like seeing flashy skins that are eye-catching, not eye-sores. Keep it up!

carbornium #3 Posted Jul 22 2018 - 06:43


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Ferdinand, Porsche Carbornium Edition


Jagdpanther II, History Skin


JagdPz E100, History Skin


Luchs PZII scout, Carbornium Skin


Panther M10, Carbornium Edition


E50M, Carbornium Edition


G Panther Arty, Carbornium Edition


G.W. Tiger Arty, Weed Edition



carbornium #4 Posted Jul 22 2018 - 07:05


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Italian Tanks



Japan Tanks


KeHo, Colour Edition


Russian Tanks


Su76, History Skin captured


Su85, History Skin


Su100, Carbornium Skin


T34, Red Devil


T28, Green Flames


T34-85, Lambda Carbornium


IS3, Carbornium Edition


T54, Carbornium Edition


KV2, Carbornium Edition


KV2, History Skin

that's it for now enjoy

carbornium #5 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 03:51


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Almost all are updated to 1.2 version. Thanks for 27.000 downloads

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