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Creating maps

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Risky_Dingo #1 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 15:41


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How much work and time goes into creating a WoT map?

Is if just a matter of slapping together pre-made graphic modules on a base terrain?

Or is it a massive project, where every rock and brick and tree is more-or-less carefully considered?


And why didn't they put a bridge or something across that river in Abbey? Annoying. (I wonder if there's a secret ford no one has found yet?)

Maybe it's pointless to talk about maps if WG's main purpose is to sell tanks and equipment and supplies, not "sell maps," so to speak.


Sometimes I get the impression that every time there's a tweak or change the game becomes less fun, not more.


I still think they should try randomly varying team base locations with every game. I don't know why most of you think it's a bad idea.

I don't care if it was "thrown out of committee", at least try it. How can that be too difficult to do?

Patterns of action on the maps have become so predictable. New team base orientations won't make a map brand-new, but I predict much will feel new.


Maybe they JUST DON'T CARE.

Maybe George Soros runs WoT.


See My alternate universe thread for my fantasy WoT re-imagining.


My Frontline tanks are missing. GOOD.

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FrozenKemp #2 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 15:48


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Re map creation, I think it's the latter.  At least when recreating the maps they talked about trying to get the shapes of all the rocks (or most of them) the same as before.


Why don't they put a bridge... where, in the eastern part of Abbey?  I don't think it was ever really considered a properly playable area.


I think randomly varying base locations would make it more difficult for WG to judge whether the north or south side of the map is balanced.  The base locations tend to be fairly deliberately chosen and set up.  I don't think you could just put them anywhere.  

Dockmaster #3 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 15:55


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I suspect it is a massive undertaking. Otherwise we'd be swimming in maps.


I'm sure it is quite tedious to fine tune balance and must be subject to many man hours of input.


That's what I keep telling myself at any rate.

Silversound #4 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 15:57


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Next time you stop to kemp boosh, know this; that bush was deliberately put there.


Or better yet, next time you crash into a rock hidden in a bush, know this; that rock was deliberately put there.

tod914 #5 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 16:12


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It takes a substantially longer time than creating a new OP Premium or Soviet tank.

YANKEE137 #6 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 16:25


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I wish we could play across the river in Abbey, it would add some newness to a map we've all played thousands of times.

moogleslam #7 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 16:32


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