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[ST] Ruinberg: Part 2

ruinberg supertest

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Gnomon #1 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 16:56

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Morning, everyone! 


It's a big day with the release of 1.0.2, and I also have some Ruinberg news for you! You've probably seen the other Staff Posts about it this morning. 


Two weeks ago we tested a Ruinberg prototype with some changes but the changes were unable to completely eliminate the imbalance between north and south base equality. Due to this, we’re starting the test of two Ruinberg map versions today with different changes. Both versions offer more opportunities for the southern side. Now, it should be easier for them to control the open part of the map and the city blocks in the east. This should help to equalize the winning chances for both teams. 

Version 1 has different spawning points for the teams, and both should now spend the same time reaching key positions. Some of the buildings in the eastern city blocks have been moved. This allows TD’s from the southern base to support allies fighting in the city. Plus, the southwestern corner of the map has additional TD positions (several new bushes and indestructible houses).

Version 2 also has new firing positions for TD’s, by a new indestructible building in the K0 sector. The houses in the east stay in their old spots on Version B. The central avenue can be controlled from three new key spots. These include an additional destroyed house close to the crossroads, a small mound/hill on the road not far from it, and the ruins in the sector F7. These ruins are present on the current release map. On Version B they are a bit taller, giving you the ability to trade shots against enemy tanks sitting in the bushes across the road.


Ruinberg Version 1



Ruinberg Version 2

The Supertest results will help us decide what to do further with Ruinberg. Let us know what you think! 


Thanks, and best of luck in your battles! 



viper1431 #2 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 04:50


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how do I register for supertest?


Crabybaby #3 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 14:30


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While I do like the changes in Version 2 more, the problem isn't just about who is able to take the field, but who can use it best once it is taken.


To be more specific, the North spawn is able to sit behind the buildings and bushes on their side, protecting them from getting spotted and shot at, and are still able to put shots down the central road into the city.  Meanwhile, the South spawn needs to drive into the middle of the road between the lines of buildings, making them much more exposed to being spotted and getting shot at.


To fix this problem, I would recommend 3 options:


1. Change the shape of the middle road so that it is perfectly Horizontal on the map; both teams can use their respective buildings and bushes for cover while having equal opportunities to shoot into the city.


2. Change the shape of the middle road so that it forks just after it reaches the intersection at F3 (creating a 5-way intersection); same effect as Option 1 with a bonus effect of giving both spawns a road they can use to get into the city without exposing themselves to fire from enemy tanks.


3. Change the shape of the middle road so that neither team can shoot into the intersection at F3 from the field (one way to do this would be to make the road "zig-zag", or put a cluster of buildings halfway down the road, with a curved road going around them); this will ensure that neither team is able to use the middle better than the other, and will allow tanks is the city to be more aggressive due to there no longer being a risk of being shot from the field, but I recommend that this option should only be used if  no other solution is found, since it will make the gameplay much more simplistic and less dynamic.


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