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Soccer Mode - Feedback

soccer mode feedback

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cavalry11 #81 Posted Jul 14 2018 - 19:06

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first game was O.K.

this one sucks and after playing 4 times no more. quit wasting time on this kind off crap or  kiss my money goodbye.

unholyblackdeath #82 Posted Jul 15 2018 - 04:32


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I'm not interested in mixing my tanks with soccer.  I'm not going to play Soccer Mode.  New maps instead please.

zlefin #83 Posted Jul 18 2018 - 21:08


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I'm annoyed at the distribution of card types; it keeps spammin gme with the same card type (midfielders) and there's no apparent way to change what it gives you.  I'm already full of them, I need the other types.

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Skepnad #84 Posted Jul 19 2018 - 15:37


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A appropriate game mode should be introduced  with  player's support.  Maybe a survey of your region's user base to see if this garage, game and associated accoutrements would be accepted by your player base  before  introduction.  Managing a global company is difficult when ineffective (or complex) communication exists within.  Budgeted workhours for this project are ineffective if your regional community of players are annoyed.   Just my thoughts, enjoy the game.


sailorboy7982 #85 Posted Jul 21 2018 - 09:19

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Now that the World Cup is over (Yawn...), when are we getting the old garage back? I'm tired of looking at the Soccer (yawn) one.

rukie #86 Posted Jul 26 2018 - 17:39


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Nothing about soccer has anything to do with tanks, with the possible exception of armored vehicles engaged in crowd control after a soccer game.


It is anything but intuitive and a huge disappointment after frontline.

Dirtfarmer #87 Posted Jul 31 2018 - 14:43


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The soccer mode is my favorite alt mode in the game, and I've played it each time it has been open.  I wasn't as wild about the 3 tank system (more because my team was way better at the all 62 mode) but that's just my personal take.. the 3 tank layout is fine.  What I think would help, and what limited me, and the group that I platoon with from playing more was mainly we could not match up because MM waited until there was a similar staffed platoon before it would.  We spent a huge amount of time waiting for MM and it stopped us from playing some days because we knew it was a waste of time to try.  I'd suggest MM select first for similar teams, but otherwise.. maybe after a minute or two, match up with individuals.  My second request would be to allow a team to select the tanks the want to use instead of forcing one D, one striker, one mid.. if a team wants to come in with 3 100's or 3 Amx's.. let it happen.

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