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Soccer Mode - Feedback

soccer mode feedback

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Das_Reaper_1 #41 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 19:46

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View PostSwearengen5, on Jun 14 2018 - 16:27, said:

Horrible garage: overly bright, ugly, and just a waste of programming time..

Loved the OLD soccer with equal tanks---HATE the new one.  AMX doesn't deflect the ball and must rely on gun that requires reloads??  Just pathetic.  Not many want to play E-100 (and most play it poorly) so E-100 AFKs are common.

Ball physics are terrible compared to OLD soccer mode: ball is half-way into the walls at times, ball doesn't bounce normally, ball's reactions to being shot are different EVERY time.

Ball does things that it just NEVER did in OLD soccer mode.


END RESULT:  new soccer is flat-out boring and not fun compared to old version.  Crappy job, guys.  Make more new maps and bring back Frontline---quit wasting time on garbage like this.




I've never put this game down since I've joined a year ago. I deal with the flaws it has but this soccer mode, I have to tell you is a complete flop sorry to say.

I got on late to the front line mode but wow was it fun. For the sake of your customers please bring it back permanently (It's a great tier 8 premium tank selling tool to boot so it's a win-win)

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bockscar43 #42 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 21:18


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View PostGnomon, on Jun 14 2018 - 22:29, said:


He only gets one zero-skill (Brothers in Arms), but he also comes with Sixth Sense. You could take Sixth Sense off of him if you'd like. 



Anything specific that makes it terrible? Do you not like the mode in general, or a certain aspect of it? The Garage? Any detailed info you can provide helps out! 



It would seem that the base has provided one overriding specific comment, that being back to the drawing board. So many other items need to be addressed, my question to You, are you satisfied with the current garage?

Blackhorse_One_ #43 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 23:07


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View PostLeaveIT2Beaver, on Jun 14 2018 - 10:09, said:

I despise the fracking garage trying to sell me something about this stupid mode


Yeah - I thought about my post. I'm just grumpy because FrontLine mode is gone :(  sorry .....


Bait and switch ...


I want my up-vote back!

Anoid21 #44 Posted Jun 16 2018 - 03:43


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Wait, they actually want feedback on this? It's laughably bad to the point I didn't think it was supposed to be taken seriously

GeorgePreddy #45 Posted Jun 16 2018 - 04:49


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View PostToothDecay, on Jun 14 2018 - 15:03, said:

I have zero interest in Soccer, et. al.,

How do I get rid of the annoying "garage"/"woodland setting" ?

Please just give me back, or option to choose.

I know it's a worldwide game, both WoT and Soccer/Football, and both are hot.

Just give me a button to click to turn it off, please.  Same for the Italian Capt, Buffoon or something ?

While we're at it, I prefer my Garage with tools and my grease pit.


Aslain has some nice garage choices... I use the "Minimal Garage", it's great, just a plain black background.








GeorgePreddy #46 Posted Jun 16 2018 - 05:01


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View PostSylvado, on Jun 15 2018 - 09:24, said:

Still wondering what the purpose of the XP reward is. I don't see where it can be used anywhere.


The reward XP can be converted to free XP using gold. Or you can just forget about it if you don't choose to spend gold for free XP.

Sylvado #47 Posted Jun 17 2018 - 04:16


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View PostGeorgePreddy, on Jun 16 2018 - 05:01, said:


The reward XP can be converted to free XP using gold. Or you can just forget about it if you don't choose to spend gold for free XP.


I am afraid that is the only option and you would have to do it at the end of the event because the tank gets removed. I have over a million to convert so that part has no value for me.

India1013 #48 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 02:39


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I have to agree with most of everything in this post. Old soccer game was fun and workable...new version sucks big time...played it twice  , never again.  WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOuld also like to have the option to go back to the old grease pit garage and to get rid of that annoying buffoon goalie

Ash_Canadian #49 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 03:28

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1. The Rolling Steel concept is just bad. There is no reward for winning, only scoring goals.....


2. Own goal should not be if the ball bounces off your tank and into the net. Being in an E100 and almost making a save only to have the ball bounce off your turret into the net, should not be a notch against you.


3. The garage is horrible.


On the good side, the missions are good. Earning the cards and gaining points is a good change to the usual mission play.

Horgast #50 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 04:01


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OMG!!!   Way to ruin the soccer game. Why couldn't you just leave it alone, it use to be fun. Now its all cannon shots only, no more actual soccer play with the tank. WHY BOTHER CALLING IT SOCCER?

lauchlin #51 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 05:58


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 The goalie should not be charged with own goals, still trying to figure out wg idea of an assist, camo should be red or blue, a hatrick should count for something, but the worst part is where the xp is going. So is c.o like choosing a female? do we chose specific tank or is it  the tier 1 of that country? btw l think l found out where the patriots ball boy works now.


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WIZD #52 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 11:36

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I scored an own goal yesterday. I shot the ball as soon as I could from the countdown magically it rolled/sped straight backward into our goal lol. Mind you from my position it should have rolled forward not backward.

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_Kradok_ #53 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 13:24


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Thank you WG.  I truly think you INTEND to frustrate your player base.


I've play 5 games this morning.  4 losses and 10k TOTAL credits from 5 games?  Are you kidding me?  None of the stupid virtual 'cards' with a cool tank... nothing.  


I stopped opening my wallet over the friggin PMM debacle, now you're making even the ancillary modes hard to endure?


As a suggestion - can you STOP inventing ways to anger your player BASE?  You know the multitude of players that spend MONEY on YOUR game?  I've spend over $35/mo EVERY month since I started...and I want to do that again, but there's NO way in hell when you are where you're at...


1)  DUMB modes with little/no benefit


2) You blame PMM tanks for the 3/5/7 model when we ALL know that is complete crap (Shows you either lack respect for us, or simply think we're stupid).  The numbers of PMM tanks as opposed to other vehicles is so drastically miniscule they CAN'T affect your modeling as you've indicated - statistically impossible.


3) You somehow think the 268.4 was a GOOD idea when it was introduced?  You ignored the players who tested the vehicle (shocker :sceptic:  ) and rolled it out as it was...Why?  because you KNEW it'd be overpowered, and you KNEW people would drop coin to free exp the vehicle.  Proof?  Check out the current CW meta.  Even crap clans utilizing no actual strategy can muster a victory if they can stack the deck with a crap-load of 268.4's moreso now than their YOLO cap rushes in the past.  But you KNEW that...and your nerf?  LOL... OK... w/e



Keep it up...  I've been addicted to your game for years, and WANT to feed my habit still in the future.  Until you course-correct, my wallet remains closed.


Your move WG.  Your player base is waiting... or maybe I'm alone. 

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Rocker_Box #54 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 13:29

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 This my first time playing WT soccer mode, so all I have to judge current iteration vs last is old YouTube vids. I can see how anyone that was around last time is just a bit smoked about how much the ball physics have changed.


 That said I've been playing goalie in the E-100... maybe not always well.  Getting charged with an "own goal" when you almost get it deflected away kinda stinks, but all the goal tenders are eating that dog food I guess.  


 I'm finding it a great way to decompress, so much so, that after playing last night I managed to finally nail down my first "ACE TANKER" after the soccer mode shut down in the early morn.  If I can keep improving my soccer game, might just keep playing after the cards needed for another Commander Buffon.   Not burning up credits to play, and managed to make enough credits from it over the week-end to stock up on small repair kits, and equipment for my depot.


 All in all I'm having a good time playing the mode, it's a nice break from grinding crew and tank lines.





darkhorsey #55 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 14:48

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I did play a few rounds with the last soccer mode, but it gets old very quickly.

Didn't bother this time, just doesn't interest me. 

Doesn't look like it's even worthwhile to play reward wise.

Hate the garage.

Also, can't get rid if Gigi.



Hellsfog #56 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 15:36


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View Postthandiflight, on Jun 14 2018 - 15:13, said:

This is terrible. #bringbackfrontline


Amen. The game play is boring, the garage graphics are terrible and the rules for ranked are obscure.  All in all, I give it a 1/10. 

Altwar #57 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 16:15


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View Postfacilegoose, on Jun 14 2018 - 14:15, said:


  • Ball Physics -- Vehicle impacts barely register/affect movement, and shooting is completely inadequate to ball control. Especially amazing trying to play goalie, or 'dribble' as an attacker on counter. 


This is the one point I'd agree with.  I've probably played over a dozen matches with the T62 and maybe half a dozen with the E100 so far and have not been able to effectively dribble at all, which was a viable technique in the previous soccer tank game.  Without being able to dribble, a team has less possession capability and it comes down more to just suppressive fire to keep the ball on the other side, especially when it goes into overtime.


IMO, 2 improvements I could see would be to make the ball a little lighter so tanks could dribble at least a little bit, and increase the radius on the corners of the field.  Maybe not as much as an indoor soccer field, but enough that it allows more play movement in the field as a whole and less in the corner.


Other than that, having a blast playing the game so far a d even when I had a midfielder who was AFK in one match, it was kind of neat being the E100 goalie and trying to be nimble enough to stop the shots coming in from the other team.  I think the E100 probably isn't the best choice for a goalkeeper given how slow it moves, but my guess is that is intentional to allow for plenty of goal scoring opportunities.


So again, my thanks to Wargaming for bringing out this mode as I find it enjoyable enough that I haven't even paid attention to whatever rewards, credits, xp that I've won so far.  I've seen the cards and they look interesting and maybe I'll dig into it more as I have more time to play this week.

SKurj #58 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 20:51


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exp is really bad, cash rewards really bad.  Events like this slow your progression in the rest of the game...


Guns feel rather lacklustre against the ball most of the time, tank hull vs ball means nothing when the ball can pretty much roll over all of the tanks in the match.


I'd like to know what options if any there are for the exp earned in these tanks?  Is it just exp we can convert to free exp?  what happens at the end of the event does that exp dissappear if not converted?


Oh and the garage is awful, how about introducing something like WOWS where we can choose our own garage.

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defects #59 Posted Jun 18 2018 - 23:39


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I like to log into my game called World of Tanks to...play tanks...also to have fun. If this game mode isn't about tanks and isn't fun then why even ask for feedback? 3/5/7 ; MM ; Frontline (can this just be a normal mode available? you might make a few people happy?) ; Map selection ; Tank Balance ; Shell mechanics. I've missed an important topic or two I'm sure..but honestly the things I've mentioned are more important to me then the game mode gimmick of soccer. Please stop with the bad game modes... frontlines was both fun AND rewarding, you guys took the grind out of the game....You FIXED World of Tanks for me at that point because most of the broken aspects of the game were irrelevant, no 3/5/7, less MM issue, no map selection issues (though I would LOVE more frontline maps), less tank balance issues, less shell mechanic issues. Also I get that I can play AROUND all the changes for this game mode...but why does the garage have to look so bad? there is a TINY area of focused "action" and the rest is blurry and bright, just uncomfortable to look at in general. Soccer mode gameplay....the ball mechanic feels bad while playing, the team make-up feels bad with the faux tanks (tanks do not play how they would in normal mode), Why is MM allowed to throw me into a game with no defender and two midfielders but I can't platoon with more then one of each tank type? There are too many reasons why I wont play this mode and I've got no interest in helping you dev a game mode I don't even want, just bring back fronline.

ATOMINACE #60 Posted Jun 19 2018 - 21:26


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I agree, the soccer is a complete waste of time which is a terrible thing to say about a video game. The XP is worthless so why even offer it. Way too many AFK's leaving a 3 v 2 and almost instant loss. Also, it is friggin soccer in a tank game, who cares!!!!! Make some decent maps for the regular game (not redo province and put tier 10's on it), bring back frontlline and bring back some of the old maps you killed if unable to create new ones. Most of the maps deleted were far better than any of the newer ones WoT has come up with lately. Also, go back to the original MM. Every time WoT has messed with MM it has gotten worse and now is intolerable. I have seen more 15-2 game in last 3 months than in all the other time I have played this game. It's really pathetic going into a game knowing that there are at least 3 tanks on other team you tank cannot ever pen, even with gold and the HE does no damage. Lastly, what happen to the RNG? When I can fully aim at a stationary target with my DickerMax from 250 yrds and completely miss him 3 time in a row, I know that RNG is completely broken, and I won't even talk about arty RNG. I have 8 days of premium time left and after that, I think I am done. Way, way too many bottom tier games on crap maps with crap teams while WoT worries about playing soccer and preferred tier premium tanks. Can't take much more.

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