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Incoming! 24 hour Flag day missions start.

Missions Flag Day Flags emblems rental tank Chocolate

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KRZYBooP #1 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 16:39

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Howdy Boom Jockies! 


Just a little heads up to let you know that the clock is already ticking on our Flag Day missions. Rewards include Chocolates, Patriotic Flag emblems, and a chance to try out the Panther M/10 in case you have been living under a rock like myself and have barely played it and curious how it runs. 


More information can be found HERE

sometims_naive #2 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 17:21


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Third MoE here I come 11111


Edit: found out the hard way that 1 day is not enough to have significant effect on a 14 day average. Make it week long next time pls.

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Ram_Me_Harder_ #3 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 17:40


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Block Quote

 Note: If you destroy a Panther/M10 on your team, it will not count (shame on you).

 that made me laugh so hard:trollface:

BabA_YA6A #4 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 20:02


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If most of us here on this game actually were able to play it might help to do the missions.

Anublister #5 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 04:32


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This was a waste of time. With your crappy mm I went out of my way to buy a T29 so I could have a tier 7 American tank and I rarely saw M10s even then. My tier 8 Yankee tanks saw them maybe 10% of the time and for some strange reason everyone else on my team went out of their way to take them out, even if they didn't have American tanks. The counter mission was annoying also with me going way out of my way to take out the 1 or 2 American tanks before my team did. Not at all a fun mission and I can't wait to rid myself of these vehicles wasting space in my garage. 24 hours. bah. All this frustration so I can put old glory on my non American tanks. why?


Now if I could have North Korean flags, that would be something!

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