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Post 2 weeks worth of tournaments, avoid server overload.

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Hadez411 #1 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 23:35


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This posting 1 tournament at time thing, with a fixed amount of teams, is causing server overload and unfair opportunity to players wishing to participate in tournaments. Can you please just go back to having a 2 week schedule of Monday - Wednesday - Friday tournaments and whichever on the weekend like it used to be?
Not to mention, I don't think any one player needs 30,000 gold in one shot. I'm pretty sure you could stretch out more entertainment, for more people, by putting up some 500-1000 gold tournaments en masse.


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dominator_OwO #2 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 23:52


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I did like the old round robin system, everyone knew exactly how much time they needed to commit. However, the format did get a bit stale. I’d like to see a mix of these big tournaments and the old style ones that are more inclusive.


I do like some time to get my team together, and I’m sure we will get more advance notice as the new guys get more tournaments planned.

nekojima #3 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 00:26


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Posting two weeks of tournies, all opening at the same time, would overload their servers even more. It's the limited space in each one that is the problem, needs to be increased or no cap.


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