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A list of... Interesting hidden vehicles I've found

Hidden Premium Tanks Rare

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TheDgamesD #1 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 04:39


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VK 100.01 (P) Ausf. B: https://tanks.gg/tank/vk-10001-b

A seemingly Premium version of the Tech-Tree VK.100.01 P but with some... interesting changes in stat distribution


VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B7 - Tier VII German Premium Heavy Tank: https://tanks.gg/tank/vk-4502-b7

Looks like a rear mounted variant of the VK 45.03, but has more frontal hull armor along with other changes. 


T-103: https://tanks.gg/tan...stats?vm=visual

I dont even... know what to say about this monstrosity... its like a KV-5.. sorta except its a Tank Destroyer with a much larger turret.


WZ-111 Qilin - seemingly a retextured WZ-111 possible event reward(?) https://tanks.gg/tank/wz-111-ql


Pz.Kpfw. V Berge-Panther - Basically a up-tiered Pz V/IV https://tanks.gg/tan...model?vm=visual


Type 59 G - it's the infamous Solid Gold Type 59 - https://tanks.gg/tan...g/stats?vm=live


Aufklärungspanzer V - The old removed and very missed I hate the SP I C, the AufPanther was the only reason I wasted my time with the German Light Tank line, and it's not a worthy nor equal replacement. Instead moved up to tier 8 and using the upgraded turret and gun, seemingly no changes were made besides bumping it up a tier and forcing it to use the top turret and gun which not only nullifies the novelty of her armor, but also removes the entire reason people used her: putting the stock turret on and blitzing around ramming into camping TD's and HT's since the smaller turret was nigh-impossible to hit at top speed while the upgraded turret was easily hit and pennable. Not worth buying in her current state unless shes put down at tier 6 or atleast 7. https://tanks.gg/tank/aufklpz-v


Tiger II (H) -??? https://tanks.gg/tank/tiger-ii-h


Tiger 217 - seemingly another Tiger 131 but.. different, doesn't have 217 marked anywhere like the 131, just a few German Stahlhelm's placed on her. https://tanks.gg/tank/tiger-217


VK 65.01 (H) - I honestly don't know what this thing is supposed to be.. has some decent armor but that's about it. https://tanks.gg/tank/vk-6501-h


Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu - seemingly a slightly worse version of the non "Otsu" version. https://tanks.gg/tank/ke-ni-otsu/


Edelweiss and Nameless - some of you may know of them from Valkyria Chronicles, a game series I grew up with, which saddens me they weren't released outside of the Chinese server. But hey that's just me. https://tanks.gg/tan.../nameless/stats


Caernarvon Action X - a Caernarvon with the same style of add-on armor as the S. Conqueror. https://tanks.gg/tank/caernarvon-x


Sherman VC Firefly - a seemingly somewhat better version of the tech tree Sherman Firefly with some very attractive insignias and emblems on it, in the same style as the Cromwell Berlin (B) https://tanks.gg/tank/firefly-vc


M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 - I have absolutely no idea what this thing is: https://tanks.gg/tank/m48t54e2


T26E3 Eagle 7 - despite what the name might imply, its not like the T23E3, its actually a M26 Pershing variant with a nice looking camo at tier 7 https://tanks.gg/tank/eagle-7/


T-34 Shielded - Its basically at T-34 with add-on armor everywhere seemingly an upcoming reward tank, seems decent enough. https://tanks.gg/tank/t-34s


Object 244 - Tier VI Russian Heavy Tank I'm not ok with nor do I support this tank in it's current state, it's an IS-1 with a 85mm gun at tier 6. needs major nerfs


Object 268 Version V - a seemingly Turreted tier X Russian TD, yet resembles nothing like the Object 268 V4, https://tanks.gg/tank/obj-268-5


Kirovets-1 - ??? https://tanks.gg/tank/kirovets-1


Object 777 Version II - A tier X HT that already needs some armor nerfs, just look at the live model and see it when facing it from the front at its level: https://tanks.gg/tan...i/model?vm=live


Object 257 (P) - ?????? https://tanks.gg/tank/obj-257-p


Object 260 - I don't know how to feel about this... https://tanks.gg/tan...0/model?vm=live


T-44-85 - It exists, I cant think of any justifiable reason for it's existence at it's current tier however, its very... underwhelming https://tanks.gg/tank/t-44-85


The_Illusive_Man #2 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 05:12


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A few of those are CW reward tanks, or Campaign reward tanks. The other ones are unknown.

Merc_Scar #3 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 05:50

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Block Quote

 Edelweiss and Nameless - some of you may know of them from Valkyria Chronicles, a game series I grew up with, which saddens me they weren't released outside of the Chinese server. But hey that's just me. https://tanks.gg/tan.../nameless/stats


Uh, these are on the sea server and were on sale again just last month.

And they are nice, the Edelweiss can get going fast enough that with it's height if you clip a rock you're liable to go barrel rolling, funny as hell if you don't turn into a big blue turtle. 

ket101 #4 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 06:09


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T-103 was a proposed variant for the T-100 hull.  The version that saw reality was the SU-100Y, which is already in the game.


Type 59 Gold is only a place holder, you won't see it outside China.


Some of them are old and are basically placeholders for whatever purposes (the T-50-2's turret was used as the soccer ball in the first instance of tank soccer).


Others are things that may see the light of the day, and then again, they might not.  Some have been there for some years now without general release.  It's possible they may be new mission rewards in the future to replace the current ones.


The Valkyria Chronicle tanks are basically just placeholders for servers outside Asia.  Whether they are ever sold elsewhere is up in the air, as far as I know.

IndygoEEI #5 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 12:17


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T44-85 was released in SEA to some forum volunteers.  It was found to be very op.

michaeItsoon #6 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 12:35


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The Ke Ni Otsu is on Blitz, and it has broken OP DPM. Better pray that WG doesn't do it again here.

jikemenkins #7 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 14:22


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Has Kirovets-1 ever been released on US server? 

JTM78 #8 Posted Jun 15 2018 - 17:03

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View Postjikemenkins, on Jun 15 2018 - 07:22, said:

Has Kirovets-1 ever been released on US server? 


NO! It has been asked for many times but they would sell it and with how most feel about WoT they would not buy it if they did.

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