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[-A1D] Armoured First Division is Recruiting

Clan Wars Chill Competitive Drama Free Strongholds Platoon

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hungariantank123 #1 Posted Jun 17 2018 - 15:34


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Hey guys, Armoured first division for clan wars and strongholds, we are currently recruiting more members and trying to rebuild our clan back up again. 

We are pretty much recruiting all skill levels (we highly discourage skill level discrimination or at least i do lol). If you'd like a place to call home or just have some fun and no drama and just have no BS than feel free to join us.

I am only a private in the clan but even if you don't feel like joining our clan you are always free to come visit and platoon with us. 


Additional info:


  • Clan wars: We are attempting to form a coalition for clan wars right now with the following clans: T-H-T, A_PEX 
  • Why did we decide to form a coalition? as we three are small clans we decided to team with with allies in order to get onto the map.


Main Clan rules/guide lines that you need to know before joining:


Failure to adhere to the following rules can result in you being demoted to reservist or removed from the clan. Rules apply to everyone, including Staff.

Be present on TeamSpeak while in game DURING CLAN EVENTS, regardless if you are solo playing or not. You MUST be able to listen in to us talking, when required.Follow orders from the Officers appointed over you. All "Staff Members" ranks are interchangeable and considered equivalent to one another.Be active, entering at least 30 battles per week.Meet all requirements for your rank. (This will be posted on TeamSpeak)Accept criticism as it's given for what it is. Some of us choose to play competitively; Some don't.Platoon with everyone. That person might fill an open position for Strongholds (or Clan Wars) in an emergency, and we all need to know how each other plays.Do not rage quit. You will be seen as if you abandoned your comrades. If you are an Officer, this will be grounds for demotion.Assist allies when they are forming detachments, and need an "Allied Legionnaire" to fill a empty slot. If they try to recruit you for doing so, report the offending clan and their member to an Executive Officer of our clan. We will handle the "drama" for you behind the scenes.The PZ1C (M22 Locust, T-127 are good substitutes) is a required tank for all members for training purposes. This is because it's an easy tank to get very quickly, and even quicker to kill in our training sessions.[CENSORED] This information is classified unless you become a clan member.


Point System (Participation Rewards)

A point based system will be used for “promotions” and giving out Premium Shop Rewards. Points will be awarded for attending scheduled events and any impromptu event that has at least 1/3rd of the clan members, with at least two officers present.

Points will be awarded as follows:

2 Points for meetings5 Points for each training session5 Points for showing up for a Clan Wars night, then 1 additional point per battle after the first three (3) battles3 points for showing up for a Detachment night, then 2 points for every three (3) battles played, after the first five (5).Can be rewarded for being one of the last three alive during our intra-clan contests held by High Command or an authorized officer. Points will be awarded with 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for p3rd.Members can bet points in duels between fellow clan members, with at most 5v5. In all instances, a replay with both parties confirming the bet and the result that was reached shall be provided to clan staff
Points can be turned in for Premium Shop rewards, cost of which is TBD.


If you want the chill/competitive atmosphere without all the BS and drama then come and try us out.


Teamspeak address: -A1D (type it out exactly how is), NO PASSWORD REQUIRED


if you'd like to be recruited then please message Omega_Ghost (in-game pm) as you cannot private message or poke someone as a guest in the -A1D teamspeak.


We look forward to see you come visit our lovely clan and we hope to run with you on the battlefield! 


Thanks for you attention! Hungariantank123 signing out *drops mic*

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jag314 #2 Posted Jun 17 2018 - 16:27


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_Salty #3 Posted Jun 22 2018 - 17:59


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I think this was my first clan... Like 6 years ago lol good to see everyone still going at it 

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