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Update 1.0.2: Advanced Training

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Gnomon #1 Posted Jun 20 2018 - 19:25

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Hi again, everyone! 

Hope your Wednesday is going well so far! 


I wanted to talk to you about the Advanced Training that was added in 1.0.2. If you're ever in need of a little help or a hint about the game, be sure to check out Advanced Training. 


If you're new to the game, you'll want to peruse the Chained Missions. They will teach you the basics and help to improve the skills you need to survive and do well in battle.  These Missions are also meant to help newer players after they complete Bootcamp. 


To access said Missions, you need to click on "MISSIONS" at the top of your Garage underneath the "Battle" button. When you arrive at the next screen, click "Missions" and you'll be able to see all of your available options. 


If you'd like to learn about the key features of World of Tanks, you can open the main Menu (hit ESC in your Garage) and select "Training Center" to look at some informative slides. Even if you're well-versed in the game, it can't hurt to take a look! 


Also, be sure to check out our article for further information - Update 1.0.2: Advanced Training


Thanks everyone, and see you on the battlefield! 

Cowcat137 #2 Posted Jun 20 2018 - 20:15


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I think a good feature to add for new people especially would be back up alarms on tanks. It's hard to get off spawn without a collision- but at least if that Heavy was beeping I might be able to avoid it.

enjineer #3 Posted Jun 20 2018 - 21:40


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Should all be mandatory for new players, as well as not allowing them to purchase tier 8 prem tanks.

HOTA_CHATON #4 Posted Jun 20 2018 - 23:15


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There needs to be actual training missions that you must complete at the following points: 1) The very beginning.  2) Tier 4 or 5, right before youi hit your first Tier 4 or 5 battle.  3) Tier 7 or 8, right before you hit your first Tier 7 or 8 battle. 4) Tier 9, right before you hit your first Tier 9 battle.  This junk you call training is just not helping anyone.

jecmec2001 #5 Posted Jun 21 2018 - 07:01


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Looked though this followed the instructions. Game version is the latest,

Not seeing this "Chained Missions" thing. Is it because I have been playing so long game dosn't think I need to see this?

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