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Game is crashing randomly

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diain #1 Posted Jun 21 2018 - 09:31


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Game client is crashing in middle of battles randomly, and no matter how many times I relaunch it won't even load up to the login screen until the current battle is over.

I tried deleting all mods one by one and ended up with a vanilla client. Still the same problem. Random CTDs, relaunch and crash again till the battle is over and the tank is back in the garage.

I run credits boosters and XP boosters and this happens in between tier 9 or 10 games, so many times that it's no longer funny.

Fix the darn thing. First it won't load into battle after crash and get stuck on loading screen. Now it won't even launch the client properly.

We don't want new tanks or new premiums or weird sports modes, we want a client that doesn't crash when you're about to make a critical shot, so that you don't login to a garage full of PMs about being a bot.

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