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What to do if you run into any Tournament issues

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DomoSapien #1 Posted Jun 26 2018 - 22:03

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Hey everyone! 

I know there has been a lot of excitement (as well as a little bit of disappointment due to some technical issues) around tournaments lately. We're working hard on getting our tournament schedule for next month finalized, but in the meantime I would like to share some information with everyone that should help make sure that no one's issues are overlooked in case anything goes wrong with a tournament.

First and foremost, if you run into any issues with your tournament (disputes, cheating, technical issues, missing payouts, etc.) do not contact Customer Support. They do not handle anything tournament-related, and they will simply tell you to contact us instead. We check our inboxes daily, and while we can't guarantee we will always get back to you immediately, you will definitely receive a response.

Send a Private Message on the Forums to Me (DomoSapien) and JambijonMake sure we are both participants in the same conversation. This will ensure maximum visibility, and prevent any oversight.

In the Subject Line:  Name & Date of the Tournament, brief description of your issue. (Example: 6/22 Friday Night Fights: Dispute - Incorrect Vehicle Type)
In the Body:  Name of your team, Link to your team on the tournament page, and a detailed description of your issue. Please be sure to include any relevant information, times, replays, etc. in your message. The more information you can provide us, the more in-depth of an investigation we can conduct.

How to Add Participants to a PM:

While composing the Message

After the message has been sent

Are you a streamer? Considering recording your session and uploading it to Twitch + Sharing a link with us.  We can only draw inferences from the information we have at our disposal. If there is a technical issue, and we can't identify what went wrong, ensuring that the rest of the tournament runs smoothly takes priority over an issue with an individual battle. Resetting the brackets and forcing everyone to replay all their battles is something we'd like to avoid at all costs. 

We are working on some potential failsafes we can use as a workaround in case we run into major issues like the start times for all the battles getting borked like with last Friday's tournament, however until those are ready we have to do the best we can with what we have at our disposal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We're looking forward to ramping up our tournament schedule and getting you all more chances to earn Gold and other sweet prizes!

Much Love,
<o Domo 

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