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Incorrect Battle Results

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C0ach24 #1 Posted Jun 26 2018 - 22:06


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Hi Guys,

I don't know if anyone is also having this problem.

After a battle, the Battle results come up and under the heading "Credits" you have a section for "Auto-resupply consumables".

I keep getting charged 20 000 credits. and it happens with a few of the tanks I play with.

This will happen for about 5 games in a row. 

When it does correct its self, it doesn't correct the Total of credits.

Then I tried to report it to support using the ticket system. 

Did not work, just got frustrated.

Any suggestions on what to do?


Buttknuckle #2 Posted Jun 26 2018 - 22:23


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Is this another of those bad troll threads? Surely someone with 20k games would know that there are consumables that cost 20k credits, right?

Ta_Hun_Kwai #3 Posted Jun 26 2018 - 22:37


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ok 1 the amount shown isn't the amount u get u get less case u pay repairs resupply from it so if u earn 120K 60K for 3 20K consumables then 5K for ammo 5K for repairs that leaves you with 50K Profit

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