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New Nvicia Geforce Driver?

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Browncow13 #1 Posted Jun 27 2018 - 03:07


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Anyone else have issues after the new driver loaded?  My FPS is all over the damm place - 30-120 fps when its was solid stable prior 80-120.  Just wondering.

rich73 #2 Posted Jun 27 2018 - 03:42


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When I bought my RX480,my excitement was dashed by crash to desktop every couple of games.Did all the new download stuff but eventually,after 2 weeks,came across a thread suggesting trying an older driver.It worked.Waited for next driver and that crashed too.Same with next new driver,So after 3 months running the older driver with no problems,finally got a new driver that worked.W g has too short a span between patches and they cant get things right in that short amount of time.Pencil pushers are at the bottom of all this and I really pity the real workers who dont have the time to do things right and the pressure that puts on them.The pencil pushers need to get some sort of message tho cus this patch was very bad for many people having ctd issues.

rokinamerica #3 Posted Jun 27 2018 - 04:14


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Both nvidia and amx release drivers that mess up stuff. Go to forums for either and you can read the rants. Over the years I have learned to wait to update until I see the one that works without screwing stuff up. I often have to stay with older drivers before one comes that is really stable. 

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