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ITzDEMON420 #1 Posted Jun 28 2018 - 01:43


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How to change email when inxant remember the pass word to the one I used

dominator_98 #2 Posted Jun 28 2018 - 01:52


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Without a password, good luck. You need your password and a mobile phone connected to change email without going through customer support. With customer support you still need a password and you need proof of the accounts earliest purchases as well as other verification.

TanksSoUnreal #3 Posted Jun 28 2018 - 02:08


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need verification of your ISP at time of creating account, your city where you created your account (not the one you actually live in, but the one you created your account from if different), and maybe any wargaming codes you recently entered.  Give them as much of this as you know and you might be able to do it.  Good Luchs!;)  I no longer had access to an old e-mail when I changed my e-mail; had to do it before this new EULA started.


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MapleOne #4 Posted Jun 28 2018 - 03:32


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under account management, link your cell phone, once your cell phone is linked you can go back to account management, beside your email address to the right you will see a little grayed out pencil, click on it, a prompt will appear on screen...follow the instructions the change your account email...it's pretty easy. Since you log into your account with your account password, there is no need to remember your email account password. 

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