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Which direction to go?

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Kailish #1 Posted Sep 08 2011 - 16:41


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Ok here is a question.

Should I go down the Medium Line. VK3001(H), Pz V Panther, Panther II, E-50

Or down the Heavy line. VK3601(H), Pz VI Tiger I, Pz VI Tiger II, E-75, E-100

Anyone have a clue or which is more fun and plays better?

Should I grind down both lines?

Radix4257 #2 Posted Sep 08 2011 - 16:52


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I would personally do both, it will take more time, but that way you can brawl and/or speed around.  Both final tanks are excellent.

Yewbow #3 Posted Sep 08 2011 - 16:53


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From the standpoint of a non German tank driver I would suggest both. The VK3601(H) is a hard tank to kill, Tiger and Tiger II are a little underpowered, E-75 is a great tank, E-100 looks to be a good tank as well. Panther and Panther II are decent tanks that are very annoying to my heavy. Don't know much about the E-50.

Fattty #4 Posted Sep 08 2011 - 16:57


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I suggest grab the VK3601, get both the VK 3002 DB and the Tiger. Try em out, see which you like better. The DB is easily one of the best mediums in the game, relative to tier (IMO it is the best medium in the game). German heavies aren't shabby themselves, they get the best health points in the game, as do the mediums.

And don't worry about having to research 2 tanks in the VK3601, that tank is by far one of the easiest German tanks to play and do well in.

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