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Question on Soccer Silver League Tournament: (cc: jambi, domosapien)

rolling steel soccer rewards.

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President_John_H_Eden #1 Posted Jun 30 2018 - 00:32


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7.1. Semi-finalists (4 teams) get quotas for participating in the Finals of the Gold Cup Tournament (stage with 32 teams).

7.2. If a team takes a prize-winning position, the three players who have played the most battles will receive the rewards.

7.3. In case of equal numbers of battles between team members, all participants of the team will receive rewards.

Just copied these rules over from the Silver League soccer tourney on Sunday July 1st because I was curious why the rewards are only given to the top three players on the team and not all four. Normally in tourneys the reward is given or split between all members in the team. I was just wondering if a tourney admin could clarify this a bit for me and explain why the reward is only given to the top 3. I have a whole team that I platoon with in soccer mode regularly and don't really want to have to make a decision as to who will not get the rewards for playing on the team.

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