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saturday 1v1 tourney

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Fireball221 #1 Posted Jul 02 2018 - 01:31


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Did anyone else have a problem with todays tournament? If so let Wot know. 

GenPanzer #2 Posted Jul 02 2018 - 01:40


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Well it's Sunday, so you missed the Saturday ones by a little bit.

JakeTheMystic #3 Posted Jul 02 2018 - 03:28


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The only problem I had was the 1v1 and the soccer tournament were running at the same time and I had to choose. 


I chose the soccer tournament and finished in top 8, good enough for me. 


A friend of mine ended up in second in the 1v1 after playing in it for nearly 5 hours. What a waste of time for only a few reserves. 

Guderian_PzIV #4 Posted Jul 02 2018 - 15:50


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I did not have problems at all for Sunday 1vs1 tournament as all my opponents. And thanks WG to make tournament back, I just won it yesterday :)

zombieyeti #5 Posted Jul 03 2018 - 00:51


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  1. The alert that the first battle was going to begin in 2h popped 2h early. In 'Pacific time' that means the tourney was scheduled to begin at 1300 (1 PM), pseudo-started at 1100, with the notification sent at 0900.
  2. I would have put in a support ticket, so support could, you know, escalate the issue to the Tournament team. But, as I've learned from Previous Extensive Experience, Support claims to be Powerless to do much but displace blame, avoid being helpful, and (especially) deal with any ticket containing the letters A,E,O,M,N,R,T,U arranged in a specific sequence.
  3. So I PM's the Tournament Coordinators. On a Sunday. As they requested (generally). No reply yet!
  4. So I paid my bonds and credits, along with my competitors, starting at 1100. I only won the first round due to trickery and luck, surely it wouldn't work on that player again. Got a bye, got back to my computer at the appointed time and ... nothing.
  5. Got on General Chat (since I still hadn't received a reply to my PM). Besides potty-talk and someone with 1 game and a brand new account spamming the channel with 'ban me I don't care' copy-pasted (e.g. the usual) I was unsurprisingly still in the dark.
  6. Time passed. I found out that tournaments were rescheduled to their normal time. So I get to pay double in credits and bonds!


Still waiting for someone to even acknowledge that they systematically f'd up. And by systematically, I don't mean "I scheduled the tourney for the wrong time, again, again, again", but:

  1. Well,scheduling a tourney for the wrong time again, again and again in a period of less than ten days is probably a systematic issue, but of a different kind.
  2. Having no connection with WG Support, even if one way, is also probably a systematic issue.
  3. Having no mod in General Chat, who maybe possibly could have alerted the Tourney Coord. is also a systematic issue.
  4. In essence, no one person could/should have fubar'd this, again, again, again in such a short time.


In other words, whilst people make mistakes, organizations are *supposed* to provide new and innovative ways to prevent, mitigate, avoid, reduce, etc. the impact, breadth or frequency etc. of said mistake, not provide new and innovative ways to frustrate the customer.


Yes I love that tourneys are back. No I'm not going to quit tourneys or stop playing WoT, but they sure do make it difficult to recommend WoT to friends.


Edited to more accurately represent the number of "agains".

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zombieyeti #6 Posted Jul 03 2018 - 21:40


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View PostGuderian_PzIV, on Jul 02 2018 - 06:50, said:

I did not have problems at all for Sunday 1vs1 tournament as all my opponents. And thanks WG to make tournament back, I just won it yesterday :)


I suppose you didn't log in between 4 and 2.25 hours earlier than the tournament?

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