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1 vs 1 Patriot tournament. Thanks WG

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Guderian_PzIV #1 Posted Jul 02 2018 - 16:01


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I just want to thanks WG for the tournament returns. I missed them. I like this different game play and the 1 vs 1 on mine at tier 6 was perfect idea. I heard some players had issues with the time scheduled but I did not had any problems. I hope WG will give a good explanation and compensation for those players.


I won the tournament in group 3 and I enjoyed the game play and I had to face few good players. _Heatnoob_ from Otter  was a good challenge for me and Jwent1999 with his KV2


I took my Cromwell B in all my games and I boost all the equipments I could to win it.


To all participants, I wonder what tanks did you choose and why?


For me, the crom B was good for all situation. I could face any tanks, scout, med and heavyes. His mobility and dpm was the best for a one on one. My fear was to face a KV2 who could one shot me

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LT_Pines #2 Posted Jul 02 2018 - 17:22


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I liked the tournament as well! It was a great Idea and very fun!


I took in my beloved Churchill 7 and beat a few people, though I had to no shows, it was a great tournament. I could of beat some more people but I did not aim one shot at a KV 85 XD.


I got out HPed by a Tog 2 XD. really sad on my part for I could of beaten most of the next people.

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