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HELP Video Card Error Issues

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Hurk #41 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 03:20


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View PostxNocturnalx, on Jul 12 2018 - 00:52, said:

k let me be clear, instead of all the assumptions. I'm NOT using SLI and my PSU is EVGA 850 G3. its barely just a year old. I've been playing this game since past 3 years now. Even after this new HD map was released, it was still running fine.. just started happening like 2 weeks ago. and even now i'm playing like other triple A games with very high settings. without any crash or error/ freezing etc messages. ie CS-GO, COD, star craft 2, Witcher, Diablo3, Tera and few others. None of them crashing and or giving me any error messages.. and they all able to run with pretty high if not max setting with fps over 120+. and and like some of u said this happens when i think but not sure, when i had window update just few days before.. then this started happening.. but i'm not sure if this is caused by window update or not.. cause after when i did the window updates i didn't play for few days. and when i started playing, 1st few battles it didn't crash or give me this error messages.. only few games in then this started happening.. 

I have fully used DDU and fully cleaned out the driver then reinstalled fully new version.. etc booted restart etc, fully deleted the wot cache files, no mods nothing.. and still crashing. i did do a run check and no issues found. 

i don't believe its video card broken or psu issues..or else i wouldn't be able to run other games or other stuff properly. 


have you tried a clean install of WoT, which requires manually deleting the files in the %appdata% folder ?

check for updated drivers for your chipset and sound cards? 

check for updated BIOS for your motherboard in case of known issues ?

check for updated firmware for your video card in case of known issues ? 

largeelvis #42 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 09:06

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Block Quote

 just started happening like 2 weeks ago.


Me too. It is not a user issue. Too many people are experiencing the same problem, on different platforms, starting at the exact same time.

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