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July Tournament Schedule

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TheDerpinator9000 #61 Posted Jul 29 2018 - 21:53


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While the 45 seconds cap timer on Mali didn't work too well, it was still fun to play, though I enjoy most things people would consider 'stupid' or 'bad' in this game, I don't have the stats to say I'm 'gud' so I'll just leave it with this, More or less I enjoy doing these tourney's even if we don't get the top prize, yeah it's fun but the main thing I enjoyed about tourney's were the competitiveness of small scale matches.

Sometimes it's the certain requirements you need, the specifics of it, like the tier restrictions, and the competitiveness of the groups, wrapped together with the creativity and planning everyone has that help your teams win, While this post doesn't have to do specifically with this tourney I just wanted to post this as to say my piece on the things in general, and or somewhat my take on this.  All in all, it could of been better, but where things like this are concerned, it could always be, 'better.'

At the end of the day there is no happy median for everyone, and while we get our pants in a knot at times, it's still is fun to do if your looking for the fun in the competitiveness and not so much the prizes. I get it, going for the gold is an outright immediate goal for almost everyone, no one wants to be second, everyone wants the first place prizes, and when stuff happens, and doesn't go our way, we can get frustrated, but that's why I like this stuff.

Because at the end of the day, it's that high risk high reward feeling that left the game once tourney's were gone, for me that hit the 'bump in the road' with the game in general. I guess what I should say is, if any of the mods read this: Stuff happens, It's going to take some time to get used to the whole tourney thing once again, while some people aren't happy that the payouts aren't always what they once were, or as 'big' as they used to be, you and the community have to get used to this again, that's just my opinion though, many people might not feel as I do.

Finally, there's the recent 5v5 MASTERY bracket: Just to get my Gripes out: While the 45 second cap timer was good, doing it with 10 players total, was not the best idea, especially because you could bring it down  with the amount of people on it, More or less a bigger amount of time required might of been better, Maybe 45 seconds with 3 people on it maxed? That way there's more options for the players than just cap to win in less than two minutes, Other then that, I do like the tourneys and wish they continue, it takes time to reform your tourney making skillz, best of luck, and cya on the battlefield!

AlisaFox #62 Posted Jul 31 2018 - 06:09


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View PostJambijon, on Jul 10 2018 - 00:00, said:


7/22 - Sunday Funday: Lightweight Rumble!


  • Matches and Brackets are published once registration is closed.
  • 30 groups of 7 teams each
  • Prizing:
    • 1st:
      • 4000 Gold (split among team)
        Boosters (per player):
      • x5 50% Credits (1hr)
      • x5 100% XP (1hr)
    • 2nd:
      • 2000 Gold (split among team)
        Boosters (per player):
      • x3 50% Credits (1hr)
      • x3 100% XP (1hr)
    • 3rd:
      • Boosters (per player):
      • x3 50% Credits (1hr)
      • x3 100% XP (1hr)
  • Prizing will be credited within week of tournament finish.



AlisaFox, on Jul 24 2018 - 18:39, said:

When will the prizes be delivered?


DomoSapien, on Jul 24 2018 - 19:20, said:

Prizes will be delivered by Sunday 7/29. We are still gathering reports for rule violations from a few players, afterwards we will manually sort through the brackets, disqualify teams that brought vehicles of the wrong class and adjust the brackets.


AlisaFox, on Jul 30 2018 - 09:53, said:

Another lie!... I'm not surprised at all...

I'm not a bit surprised, despite the fact that the calendar is already July, 30th.


They just ignore me in PM!...

July, 31st started...

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