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Shots dropping to bottom of reticle...

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GHR1227 #1 Posted Jul 10 2018 - 06:23

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So what is up with this?  As the title says.  My shots in the last say two weeks have been consistently to bottom portion of my reticle.


This causes dirt darts, missed shots, shot to cupola hit tougher turret armor or gun mantle, etc and along with everything

else has caused my hit ratio to drop.  My account hit ratio is 57.4% even with my being an arty player.  


It dropped from 57.8% in the last month.    In this time period hit/miss ratio is only 40% per day; 40 hits in 100 shots including arty but mostly been T28prot, Cromwell B, and LTTB.  With Kv2 and ONi for a few battles.  The latter two are especially frustrating since I have done team damage from my round falling shorter than expected.  Tonight, I shot at an enemy SomuaSM

side-scraping on (the map with the downed Zeppelin as the choke point brawl spot that I cannot think of the name) Redshire.

A VK3601H got into the line of fire as I fired from 150m-ish and my shot actually dirt darted into the VK's tracks for

500 damage.  But I was aimed at the top of the Somua which would have cleared the VK if my shot did not drop.


I've been legionnairing in strongholds with a friend's clan.  If we are shooting from say the hill on Abbey to the either base;

distance = 200m(?)  My shots will drop short 3 times in 5 in my fully outfitting Cromwell B (my main SH tank) with 5 skills and 92% on the 6th skill.   My shots have ricocheted off enemy Cromwells way too many times of late mostly straight on shots to turret sides but instead they hit at the hull/track region and bounce.    The frequency is more noticeable lately. 

My KV2 shots will hit the ground far short of the aim target 2 times in 3. 


Arty is unaffected generally, but the shots do tend to land at the end of the reticle where my shots originate.  This is not inconsistent from before but if I'm shooting over a rock say on Tundra my shot will tend to fail to clear the rock if the vector line is past it.


SO is this my computer, my internet connection, or has Wargaming just messed with *up* the aim scatter in the latest patch again?


How can I tell?   Computer specs are in my tag line. I3-4130, 16GB RAM, GTX750Ti, Windows 10.  

Comcast is 50Mbps cable and I'm using a gigabit ethernet connection.  Ping usually hovers around 40-50. 

Frame rate never drops much below 60FPS. So on the surface nothing stands out as the issue.


Ideas please?  Anyone else have this sort of issue?


Figured I'd post here before going to tech support which will probably have less help.

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LintinPocket #2 Posted Jul 10 2018 - 07:06

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Possibly WG screwing around with something again. I have a lot of shots doing the ghost thing lately. Full aim no bloom dead on a still tank at marginal range. Poof no nothing.

Anlushac11 #3 Posted Jul 10 2018 - 08:08


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I have noticed this as well. Frustrating to be in a vehicle with a experienced crew and sub .30acc and you track a target and before you an reload give other tanks blast it.  I have also noticed repeated shots going far right, enough that I aimed to left of the target to hit. I couldnt tell you if it was every match but it has been often enough that I have noticed it.

kebab6597 #4 Posted Jul 10 2018 - 08:53


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WG are trying to do pest control on the cheap almost every map is infested with Gophers its your job to take em out OP :)


TBH I have noticed the same as you and its bloody annoying

Intolerance83 #5 Posted Jul 10 2018 - 10:28

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yeah I had one day in particular where this was happening a lot ( When I say a day I mean 3 games before I rage quit)


Worst was in My JPZE100 on Paris - At a range of less than 100 meters, fully aimed at a retarded obj 704 who thought it was a good idea to park right in front of me under the bridge, while I fired down the slope at him. Shot 1, again, fully aimed at a close stationary target hits the ground right in front of him...I take a bad hit from him then arty...Shot 2 I aimed up a bit more but still fully aimed at this same unmoving enemy who was now even closer. Bam straight into the fkin ground again....Then get surrounded and overrun. It seems that being a [edited]pays off sometimes :P

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moon111 #6 Posted Jul 10 2018 - 10:45


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My SPG was fully-aimed at an enemy with two TD's cresting a ridge between us.   Managed to splash both my teammates.  Only thing I can think of is I hit one as he rose up in my line of fire and intercepted the shot?  No damage done though, just splash.  They were wth.  I was wth.  *sigh* Seems as the years go by can't get it up high enough.  

GHR1227 #7 Posted Jul 10 2018 - 20:24

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Hmm.... So it's not my computer then. 


Anyone else?


Here is a replay of my most recent game with the issue of shots dropping and getting "armor not penetrated" message.

Watch the first minute or so in first person perspective.  When I zoom in on the AMX30 in my super Pershing.  

I fired first shot hit the gun mantle (battle hits viewer mod showed I ricocheted off lower end of his upper plate even though he was kinda sideways to me).  Second shot I tried to lead and aimed at center of his upper plate.  This one DROPPED to the ground and went under

his tank for a critical hit but I got a  "armor not penetrated" message.  The whole battle is full of more such shots but this one is a prime example of the issue.




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