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How many should cap at once?


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xtc4 #21 Posted Jul 12 2018 - 13:03

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View Postthe_dude_76, on Jul 11 2018 - 17:47, said:


Everyone on cap earns cap points at the same rate. So if 5 tanks are in the cap circle they would each earn 20% of the accumulating cap points. If any one of those tanks gets hit it resets the cap. If all 5 entered at exactly the same time it would rest by 20% of the total.


The 3 tank max refers only to the speed at which the timer counts down. The more tanks you have on cap, up to a max of 3, the less time it takes to complete the cap. So if a 4th player enters they will get an equal share of the cap points from that moment on but the timer will not speed up any more. So the 4th tank is earning cap points but he really isn't doing anything that would help the team win.


Yes. Anyone hit on cap will cause some degree of reset. The upshot is that, in most situations, you are better off maxing out the cappers at 3, and sending extra tanks out to screen and stop the reds from coming back. But, as others have said, it all depends on the circumstances. And as others have also said, capping is often a bad idea anyway.

heavymetal1967 #22 Posted Jul 12 2018 - 13:37


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the_dude_76 #23 Posted Jul 12 2018 - 16:14


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View PostSporkBoy, on Jul 11 2018 - 23:26, said:

Ha! Had a match today where VK72 just murdered and at the end a lowly light tank was left. Three of us on cap (probably 7 minutes left in game). Old VK with his 9 kills begged us not to cap while he chased the T49 around Glacier.

We nicely jumped off cap a couple times since his plaintive cries were so seductive.

T49 killed that fool VK and we almost lost but thankfully we jumped back on cap with moments to spare.

Moral-3 on cap (at least) ASAP and dont get off.

Don't feel bad for old foolish VK he got plenty XP and credits along with Crucial Contributor badge.


Wait?? It was 3 on 1 and you "almost lost"?? Hard to imagine how that could be the case

Hurk #24 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 03:27


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View Postthe_dude_76, on Jul 12 2018 - 08:14, said:

Wait?? It was 3 on 1 and you "almost lost"?? Hard to imagine how that could be the case

time running out. 

scHnuuudle_bop #25 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 08:02


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Correct me if I am wrong, more than 3 on cap, does not speed up the timer, but it does limit the reset points as they are spread around more players.


I just hate losing because 5 teammates are running around looking for the last 2 enemies, or worse, all are on cap, just a few more seconds, no one spotting and all of a sudden pow, pop, boom, reset. It becomes  battle where you are fighting with a large disadvantage, they know exactly where you are, on the cap, but you have no clue where they may pop up.

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NeatoMan #26 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 17:01


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View PostFlarvin, on Jul 11 2018 - 15:45, said:

Extra tanks over the 3 that allow to cap at max rate, should defend approaches and screen the cappers. 


If no threat, as many that want to cap can cap. 



You need to read the map to see which enemy tanks pose the biggest threat to cap reset.  If all they got are slow lumbering tanks then 3 on cap to move the timer faster is best.


If they got plenty of fast tanks left, or are playing encounter mode, then all you need is one on cap to act as bait while everyone else guards the approaches to lay an ambush as they come in all disorganized.  When I used to play encounter mode this strategy worked well, particularly on steppes

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