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Notice how ever topic created over the past 10 years how this game sucks as been banned?! cant h...

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Seth_VonLiopod #41 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 15:20

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Nunya_000 #42 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 15:30


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View PostSeth_VonLiopod, on Jul 12 2018 - 09:49, said:

Hey wow! And when you google "League of Legends sucks" you totally get similar results! That game must be rotten too.
And Fortnite, and PUBG, and CoD, and anything Star Wars.....

ps: I heard the most profitable phone app was a Kardashian "paper doll" type game. I guess sucking is a pre-requisite for financial success.


Whatever you do, do not google "Kim Kardashian sucks".

Kliphie #43 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 15:35


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View PostNunya_000, on Jul 13 2018 - 09:30, said:


Whatever you do, do not google "Kim Kardashian sucks".


​At least not at work, anyway

Urabouttudie #44 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 16:55


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View PostGnomon, on Jul 12 2018 - 05:53, said:


Hi! I did, a quick Google search for that phrase, and I got quite a few results that are available to read on the first couple of pages:


Now, I know you may not believe me because I work for Wargaming, but we don't censor people who just say the game sucks or if they provide a lot of critiques. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about the game, and critical feedback can only help to lead to improvements


However, a fair majority of these posts devolve into forum violation after forum violation. People begin to attack each other, stat shame, go off-topic, and so on. When that happens, the thread is locked or closed and the people who broke the rules are warned/sanctioned. Since this forum currently has 11,179,211 Posts as of my reply here, 1,000s of them could easily be "WoT sucks" posts that violated the rules and were removed while even more that say the same go untouched, since no one broke the rules. Just by the large volume of posts this forum, it's bound to be that many of them are sanctioned for rules violations and not the idea behind the content. 


tl;dr We don't remove posts for criticizing the game. We remove posts that violate the rules, and criticizing the game is not one of them. 


As an admitted member of the opposition, I can attest to this Admin's honesty...


If it were the case I would have surely been booted long...LONG ago...I've had my hand slapped on several occasions but I've never really felt truly censored and I am one of the longest, consistently negative poster I've seen around here.


If anything...the admin on these forums is a bit lax...as far as the forum rules go


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