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JBO's Light Tank School, and 10,000 combined damage game.

Light tank t100 scouting spotting light tank tactics scouting tactics spotting tactics

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jbo1 #1 Posted Jul 12 2018 - 17:55


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Checkout JBO's Light Tank school. How to play World of tanks light tanks. Learn some key light tanking skills with JBO in the drivers seat. Includes spotting bush's, light tank tactics, and some what not to do! Includes 10,000 combined damage game.


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SgtAKP #2 Posted Jul 12 2018 - 22:03


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He is the best LT player I've ever seen.



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oldewolfe #3 Posted Yesterday, 12:02 PM


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I'll have to watch this over my Break, but I just got the LTG and I have to say I like this little Troll alot....      I have a Garbage Crew in it, started a New Crew when I bought back the MT25, and they're 82% thru Camo and 6th Sense....      I have been Fluctuating between 62 and 67% WR in it and mostly Dieing in the End of the Game.....


I went Vents, Optics, and a Camo Net for Equipment because it's Blind as a Bat and I don't want to wait on Binoc's, Camo Net is OK, but I hate Surprises...        I have played the T100 on the Test Server and I like it alot, but I really started the MT25 to 1) Elite my T-34, and 2) a 2nd Path to the Obj 140....     But this Fugly Monster is looking to he a Keeper...  

Talon747n #4 Posted Yesterday, 09:50 PM


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nice video. Good points on light tanks spotting

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