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ThePigSheFlies #21 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 13:22


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View PostSovietMemeBear, on Jul 12 2018 - 15:02, said:


I think even in pubs they are so situational they're just not worth it. 


The M48 does everything(except move) better then the other NATO 105 mediums. Sure the 30b and STB have better DPM but you can't really use it since they're either squishy or have derpy guns

The M60 is almost as quick as the 30B Leo, AX, and STB but has way better gun handling and excellent gun handling so that you can actually fully utilize the DPM. 

The T95E6 just makes the NATO 105 DPM tanks irrelevant in its current state. It has mobility, HP, a sorta ok turret, good gund handling and stupid high dpm. 




if a pub game means you're one of 3, or 5 tier 10s, and like many of the mediocre, 2nd class tier 10s they can do ok.  15 v `15 tier 10s in tiny maps and I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment.


as a brief counterpoint, not everyone wants to go out and play only the best tanks all of the time.  

I have had my 907 for years and only have 65 battles in it.  


that being said with the current map meta and rotation I prefer tiers 7 and 9, and a double in my chaffee, type 64, and elc just to keep their crews going. 


15 v 15 tier 10s on these tiny crappy maps just isn't that enjoyable to me.

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