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6th sense not working properly?

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Mugzy_2017 #1 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 19:09


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Anybody having problems with 6th sense? it seems to not be activating all the time, seems to be turning off half way through games, and before it goes its taking almost 10 seconds to activate on occasions.

The_Illusive_Man #2 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 19:17


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Im watching Circon, and some weird Sh*t is happening... Me thinks there be a bug

PuddleSplasher #3 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 19:59


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My 6th sense works fine.


I've usually moved away before it activates and hence I am that few seconds away. Is that wrong? Am I using common sense?

dnaman #4 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 20:16


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When you are sure you must be spotted as the enemy turns it’s gun right at you and cores as you start to back up, the after a number more seconds longer than the stated 3, the sixth sense goes off?  Yep, I’ve noticed.  I kind of have given up on sixth sense working well anymore.  

Nudnick #5 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 20:37


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There are lot's of bugs since 1.0. I've seen other threads on it too.

RickPatton #6 Posted Jul 13 2018 - 22:51


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Had no problems last night with 6th sense.

DPJoseyWales0331 #7 Posted Jul 15 2018 - 05:13


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Happens periodically to me too. At first I chalked it up to hyper focus. So I started purposely breaking cover just to see it happen.  It happens most on my American tanks , and some times on my GE td's.

FulMetalJakit #8 Posted Jul 24 2018 - 22:39


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Bump to this topic...I've had it happen twice now today...one recent battle, I had been unspotted for a good 20 seconds, headed to another side of the map to support some greens dealing with a heavy, light bulb never went off, and a hidden t37 hits me from no where...no light, no warning sound, nothing....couldn't have been a blind shot, I was alone and moving fast...


Second one, I was in cover, moving to a new position to outflank a heavy...I see him pop up...my light doesn't go, no sound, so I move in a little closer to get a shot and bam he hits me...again no way it was a blind shot, I was alone and not in cover that you would normally shoot at blindly....

ShoobieDoobie #9 Posted Aug 10 2018 - 02:50


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I've had this problem since BEFORE 1.0.  And it still exists today with the latest patch as of 09AUG2018.  I know it's not a fluke and one guy snapshotted me in less than 3 seconds.  I'm getting hit by multiple tanks over a period of 5 or 10 seconds and no 6th sense going off.  Very disconcerting; I rely heavily on it and grinded my tank hard for it.  Now it's a "hit or miss" as to whether it works or not :(

mohankumar #10 Posted Sep 08 2018 - 14:31


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View PostMugzy_2017, on Jul 13 2018 - 19:09, said:

Anybody having problems  SHAREit with 6th sense? it seems to not be activating all the time, seems to be  MX Player turning off half way through games, and before it goes its taking almost 10 seconds to activate on occasions. UC Browser



Wow that's very interesting. I thought detected was just a delayed version of SS. Cool to know that if you get that detected light it means you're looking toward the right direction.

Makes you wonder if you only get the detected light when the person spotting you is looking at you, or if it'll go off if someone else that is just using the spotting information is looking at you. This could be a very sneaky tip for light tank drivers doing passive scouting. Look the opposite way of where you're spotting so the enemy's detected lights don't go off!

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