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WGC auto log in issue

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FCM_2C_Jesus #1 Posted Jul 14 2018 - 18:32


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I saw an earlier post about this issue but it didn't go into as much detail.


I have used WGC for quite some time and with the update to auto log in it seemed quite alright at first.


and then, it wasn't.


I tried several times now and each time i launch WoT it auto directs me to the Latin America server. 


So you (and I) may be thinking, alright no problem just switch server?


Problem is when I try to, the game becomes completely unresponsive.


Currently I am running a pure vanilla version of WoT and This has persisted for the past three times I tried to launch it. 


I'll update with my progress and see if this issue affects any other games on WGC

Ded_man #2 Posted Jul 14 2018 - 19:08


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Just go to your C:\World_of_tanks folder and send a copy of the exe to the desktop and start the game from there.That's how I prefer to do it anyway.

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