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French autoloader AMX 50 120 & AMX 50B have NO pen power

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Inzane007 #21 Posted Oct 09 2018 - 09:56


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View PostACandieCaneKilling, on Oct 09 2018 - 02:50, said:


I see you're still as dumb now as you were the first time you read my post & responded with some nonsense talking about a subject matter that I wasn't talking about.
You see, I didn't say anything about NOT hitting the mark. In fact, I was specifically talking about hitting the mark dead on target, exactly where I should hit it, & many times over & it bounces & doesn't pen far too often.

You see, this statement shows that what I was talking about has nothing to do with my aiming my gun, as I am a fairly good shot. But rather, it is you who failed to read and/or comprehend what was in my post.

So perhaps you should go back to school & learn to grasp the content & subject matter of a sentence & then perhaps...

just learn to put yourself in the frame of mind & first work out what the subject matter was in the post in the first place and you will find yourself understanding more content & subject matter before you know it.


In case you still cannot comprehend the content & subject matter of my post, I shall dumb it down for you:
1) I mention the shells often bounce when aimed directly on their mark, dead on, spot on, exactly on target, which of course would be a known weak spot on the target tank.

2) My post not only TELLS you this fact, but also indicates for the most part, I know the majority (if not more) of the weak spots on the tanks I am shooting at.

3) It goes on to say, I am well aware of said tank works & its gun handling capabilities & do quite well with it.

4) However, it also mentions specifically that said tank, unlike most other tanks I have in my garage (all 210 of them,) do NOT have this same issue when aimed at the exact same spots on the same tanks as I have done a side by side comparison.

5) It also states more than once, this has nothing to do with my aiming as the shells I am discussing, all fall on their intended targets which are the same weak spots other tanks I own & use land their shots to pen the enemy tanks.

6) Suffice to say, if you understood the content & the subject matter was not about my aiming as I mention several times, this has nothing to do with aiming, you wouldn't bring up nonsense about how I need to learn to aim when aiming was never a part of my post to begin with, in other words, no one was talking about aiming at that was stated to be accurate & not a factor.

7) Since you were not there to watch my demonstrations, while others were, this does not negate the fact they are real & I felt WoT should get some feedback on this regarding the specific issues I have been having with this tank.


To surmise: When the content & subject matter are about the pen/bounce aspects of the tank in question & not about aiming, why would you continue to go on and on about something no one was talking about?
If you were told a plane crashed & burst into flames due to a mechanical failure would you assume the pilots of the plane needed to take flying lessons or would you accept what you read & that it a mechanical failure since you just read this info?

Or would you lecture the pilots on how they can't fly a plane? The flying was already established, so that wasn't a topic for discussion.

As in this case, the aiming wasn't the issue, since the shells were hitting their marks dead on. The subject matter was about shells bouncing despite that fact.

So responding to anything else was just a waste of your time & mine. Learn to see the content & understand the subject matter & then comment on that.


Upload a replay of these godlike shots you bounce

ACandieCaneKilling #22 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 05:31


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View PostInzane007, on Oct 09 2018 - 01:56, said:


Upload a replay of these godlike shots you bounce


I did upload them. DUH!

OMG, how did you NOT comprehend what you read?

I uploaded them to WOT.

Can't you read?

I said this, mentioned it, stated it, told you this, wrote this & yet after all this, you still haven't read the entire post & still want more from me.

I have read the responses from idiots many times over & I have to say, you are completely devoid of enough intelligence to follow instructions, let alone simply reading the material you were provided & comprehending said material.

I keep repeating myself here, referring to my posts, which time after time have already answered your queries.

Everything you continue to question is already in my posts. EVERYTHING!
STOP asking me things you already have access to & PAY ATTENTION to what you are reading.

Forgive my long reply, I simply didn't care enough to come back here to comment but had some spare time so I did it today.

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