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[CT1] Shop 2.0 Feedback

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Woo67 #21 Posted Jul 20 2018 - 20:59


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View Poststalkervision, on Jul 20 2018 - 01:08, said:

Can we call it The Sutlers Shop? Look up the term.l


lmbo. only if they name a T1 ship " Sutler Chuck Wagon "

Gothraul #22 Posted Jul 20 2018 - 21:52


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Well I decided to update the old client and give it a try, the UI is cludgy when scrolling is needed but otherwise looks good. The bundles look ok though I feel there should be more premium tanks in the tech trees in general. Still very much annoyed with the prices on the improved equipment as always.

stalkervision #23 Posted Jul 20 2018 - 23:43


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View PostWoo67, on Jul 20 2018 - 14:59, said:


lmbo. only if they name a T1 ship " Sutler Chuck Wagon "

Sure,why not..

Tamiti #24 Posted Jul 21 2018 - 19:49


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View PostMikosah, on Jul 19 2018 - 14:11, said:

Hopefully the next season of ranked will be the one that conclusively proves that the current bonds economy doesn't make sense and finally gets the system reworked. There isn't going to ever be much enthusiasm for taking already expensive tier 10s into an even more expensive game mode and not even in exchange for the opportunity to mow down tier 8s. And for what? A handful of bonds? What's that useful for? You need several thousand to get just one improved equipment item. To that end I present two alternatives:


1- Make ranked a tier 8 mode. Transforming it from a credit sink to a credit gain makes it inherently more appealing. As does the idea of using a tier that's treated poorly by 3/5/7 rather than the one that's constantly brown-nosed by it. Also less dependent on gold ammo. 


2- Do away with bonds entirely. There are enough useful currencies as it is. Participation in ranked can still be abundantly rewarded by giving out sufficient amounts of gold, credits, free exp, premium time, and/or multi-skill crewmen. Enhanced equipment and directives should be sold for credits. In particular, directives should be either sold dirt-cheap or even given away for free. This essentially allows new players with bad crews to get a crew skill ahead of time, which they desperately need. 


As of the shop changes themselves, I really just want to know who asked for this. Its not that the new shop is bad, its that there are so many other issues that are so much more important that the idea of the dev team even spending a single minute on this is a massive blow to my (already strained) confidence in their decision-making skills. 


Totally agree with Mikosah

AngryTurretLizard #25 Posted Jul 21 2018 - 21:58


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Well, the shop 2.0 looks fantastic. setup is going to be awesome. However, I would like to add since premium Gold, consumables, vehicles, etc. can be bought via in-game how about purchasing Bonds or upgraded modules (purples purchased via bonds) using in-game credits? most players will take a very long time to purchase the upgraded modules via bonds and getting bonds is a nightmare at this point. Why not be able to purchase the bonds required to buy the upgraded modules? Now don't get me wrong, purchasing the upgraded modules will have to cost a pretty penny. something around 1.5Mil to 3 Mil Credits a slot....Bonds should be able to be purchased the same way either in the same manner of purchasing gold (credit card, etc.) or with in-game currency. At this point the power creep is too much and using standard modules are not cutting it anymore. time to get with the modern times since the HD models are out now and newer vehicles are on the battlefield.

omagmemnon #26 Posted Jul 21 2018 - 22:13


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I enjoyed the improved information available on products before you purchase items as well as the flow and ease of everything, great job, looking foreward to this being released in the game.

until the keep your spirits up and have fun, I am an older player ( 63 years of age ) and find this game is what you make, think positive, participate in battle and always protect your team mates to the best of your ability and you will have good gaming experiances.

Happy Hunting  :-)


dragonfire9 #27 Posted Jul 23 2018 - 02:51


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View PostGnomon, on Jul 19 2018 - 19:42, said:

Hi, again! 


As you may have seen from my announcement post, today, we’re releasing the CT1 for our new Shop! Shop 2.0 comes with some quality of life changes that should make your experience with the Shop more enjoyable/easier to use. 


If you'd like the details of the test, please check my post I linked above.


Please play around with the new Shop and let us know what you think! Any constructive feedback (both positive and negative), comments, or suggestions are welcome. Also, let me know if you run into any bugs and try to provide as much info as possible as to what happened. I may PM you for more information if you do happen to come across one, so keep an eye out for that. 


Thanks everyone, and best of luck on the battlefield!  


what happened to the scorpion g in the shop i was ready to buy it for my na account when it went live and trade in one of my t8 prems to help bring down the price but when i looked at it tonight to check the price again it was gone...

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lywellyn #28 Posted Jul 23 2018 - 03:08


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I can't find anything to like about the new store system. The old one was much easier and quicker to navigate, without all the useless graphics taking up space. If you wanted to look at a tank, you do it in the tech tree or in the premium shop. You also don't need giant graphics for equipment or consumables. Add to that the fact you can't filter nearly as well as before, and you have an unmitigated disaster of a design change.


WOT 1.0 is pretty where it needs to be already. The store doesn't need to be pretty. It needs to be functional.


As for the tutorial, I hadn't played it since the changes. Some of it is better, but not being able to track a tank in the first couple of sections seems silly. I purposely tried to do so, and the game just showed those as non-penetrating hits. What is up with that?

Charlevoix_54 #29 Posted Jul 23 2018 - 17:57


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Logging into the test server added a _US to my login creating a new account. Why would you do that?? Now I can not access the tanks in my normal account. Make going to the test server a waste of my time.

DarlingInTheTankXX #30 Posted Jul 26 2018 - 04:04


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View PostCharlevoix_54, on Jul 23 2018 - 17:57, said:

Logging into the test server added a _US to my login creating a new account. Why would you do that?? Now I can not access the tanks in my normal account. Make going to the test server a waste of my time.


Are you ok? do you need an ambulance? It's called a test server for a reason buddy.

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TboneOathKeeper #31 Posted Jul 28 2018 - 04:12


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I've tested now for 3 days and have some good and some bad.  Problem seems to be most player's DO NOT want any changes to the shop.  To me , it's an easy fix if World of tanks truly cared.  Which would be to give the players the option of which shop system they would like.  Choices seem always to bring a wider group of people more close to the issues at hand.  

Likes.... Not part of store but the "Training" for new players.  Which for some reason my account made me go through.  But going through "Training" after I have already battled 21K times.  I must say "ITS GREAT" and wish World of Tanks would force it on newer players .  Giving small Gifts as you go makes the player fell good that he or she is progressing through the training.  It really needs to go further in my opinion and would love to see a lot more of training rooms , tank schools or anything like that.  Some of my funniest times were at the Tank School that the Havoc boys ran.  

Dislikes.....  Store. Simple yet we want more options , no need on a complete make over just so management fells there upgrading.  When it works …….leave it alone.


To all my Tanker Brothers and Sisters ,  Good luck to you all and God Bless you all.


PunCzarBlintz #32 Posted Aug 06 2018 - 20:52


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When making purchases, will we still be able to use Rixty accounts to buy them?

Gnomon #33 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 16:41

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Hey, everyone! 


Thanks for all of the feedback provided so far! 


Now that Shop 2.0 has been out for a while, our teams would like to get an update on how it is working for y'all.


If you have any feedback or comments about the new Shop, please reply in this thread. Let us know if something is difficult to navigate, if any options are missing, what you like/dislike about the changes, and so on. 


Thanks, I appreciate your time! 


See you on the battlefield :izmena:

_HyperLynx #34 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 17:28

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hey Gnomon, as others have stated in other posts, personal reserves should have some sort of sort function.

pickpocket293 #35 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 17:38


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"Filter" functions need to come back, please. Also, an option for "compact" mode that doesn't have the giant buttons would be nice. I don't like scrolling.

Takatsume #36 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 19:54


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The same level of filtering that existed before should be returned and a toggle to switch between tiles and list views would be good.

MagillaGuerilla #37 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 21:12


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Any news on re-purchasing sold tanks the way we used to ?

arrrgh #38 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 23:41

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Are the discounted package deals on bond items a long term thing.  eg 9k bonds for two items.....is that going to be in the store for the foreseeable future? 

As to the design changes, gahh, wg loves this horrible tiled interface style.   It started when they changed the nice and simple news interface on the portal webpages.   It went from a chronological list of links, you could glance at in one second to see what news articles you had already read.  (since hyperlinks change color once visited).     WG changed it to a painful tiled interface that was visual chaos.    No way  to easily figure out the order of the articles, or if you had read them already or not.   WG sites went from quick and easy, to a waste of time and energy. 

I also stopped going to thedailybounce wg news website when that one also changed to a messy tiled interface. 

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jimbalaya17 #39 Posted Aug 22 2018 - 00:10


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I was perfectly happy with the shop the way it was before.  I just don't see the reason this needed to be done.  The old shop was quick and functional.  Plus I have no idea and would like to know why I can't buy ammo in the new shop.  Why was that disabled?  Also it was easier to activate the boosters in the old store.

VortexRikers #40 Posted Aug 22 2018 - 02:36


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Include all the functions of the old one and I have no problem with it, especially if it's not coming back.  You need to be able to filter the equipment to only show the on-sale stuff like before.  Also, in this thread and others, I believe you have plenty of feedback already.

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