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Fixes to Preferential Matchmaking + Future Matchmaking Changes

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Spaceopera171 #221 Posted Aug 02 2018 - 20:48


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As long as you have teams of tomatoes going up against teams of unicorns it's going to feel unbalanced.  I don't really mind the 3/5/7 matchmaking as long as the opposing team isn't loaded with better players.  Put in skill balance first, then worry about the rest.

SgtFtKnox #222 Posted Aug 02 2018 - 21:21

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View PostMephistopheles14, on Jul 26 2018 - 09:51, said:

La mejora del IS 6 será también para la version black


Say what???

SgtFtKnox #223 Posted Aug 02 2018 - 21:29

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View PostBlastyourasst, on Jul 26 2018 - 10:26, said:

In today's article and previous ones, the developers keep referring to single tier battles as being a problem.  WHY??? if you polled everyone in the game (not just on forums as they are populated by only a tiny portion of players) I am willing to bet my account that 60-70+% of actual players would prefer more single tier battles.   This also fixes the issue with PMM. Make MM try for single tier and then settle for +1/-1 tier if needed.  Eliminate 3 tier battles all together.



Please put an in-game poll for everyone and see what the results are!  People will wait 1-3 mins for a match if they know they will not be cannon fodder.


Also, can the Super Pershing please hit its speed limit of 40 km/hr on anything other than a cliff dive?????


When the US Army made up the Super Pershing, they only added armor, they didn't change the engine. It should have the same engine as the top engine as the M26 Pershing. Due to the added armor it will not be as fast as the M26 but will be better then what it is. 

SgtFtKnox #224 Posted Aug 02 2018 - 21:35

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View PostDANTE_2014, on Jul 26 2018 - 11:26, said:

Pregunto... por que no lo ayudamos nosotros a MM?,por que no jugar contra mismo tier y maximo un tier superior? Por ejemplpo 1 vs 2... 3 vs 4... 5 vs 6 etc y si no se juntan 15 de cada lado. Se jugara con menos participantes pero de esta manera se acortara los tiempos de espera...actualmente hay tanques nivel 5 que son infinitamente inferior a un tier 7. Sin provabilidad alguna,como un tier 6,7,8 contra tier 8,9, 10


This is North America right? English please.

Omega_Weapon #225 Posted Aug 03 2018 - 00:25


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View PostKINGN0VA, on Aug 01 2018 - 20:40, said:




When I play pref mm tanks it takes about 3 seconds to get a game. That means there are 29 other tanks tier 7, 8 and 9 that are being removed from MM. Even if every tier 8 tank in the game was pref mm, that means a maximum of 10 of those tanks are pref mm. That's 20 other tanks being removed from MM queue.


With the way MM is setup now, it tries to match tanks per team. That usually means 2 or 4 pref mm tanks per match. So the rest are normal MM and not available to match regular tier 8 games. So the normal tier 8 tanks have fewer matches due to pref mm matches taking so many normal tier 8s out of the queue, forcing other normal tier 8s to be matched with whats left... lots of tier 10s.


Also - rarely are pref mm games 3/5/7. They're usually all 8s or 9 and 8s... So the issue is even worse than what I explained. Then to further exacerbate the issue, fewer people are playing normal tier 8s because of poor MM... It's a downward spiral.


You are wrong.


If you remove all pref MM you only increase the number of tanks in the normal queue by 2%. How do you think that can fix anything? It would likely be less than 2% because people who play pref MM tanks to avoid the craptacular MM will probably play less. You're the wrong one here buddy. But clearly you are comfortable remaining in ignorance.

Hawk_Eye4077 #226 Posted Aug 03 2018 - 22:54


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For those who are having trouble reading Spanish, I have a link to help you.



Bavor #227 Posted Aug 04 2018 - 06:01


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View PostPrayton007, on Jul 28 2018 - 14:50, said:

well, until WG gets its head out of it *** and stop setting this game up as a scam, all I'm going to do from now on is log in, move, take a shot, and walk away from my keyboard.  There is no need in trying to win a match that WG has already rigged to keep wallet warriors happy.


So you are going to punish your team mates instead of not playing.  That's some great logic!  Hurt your team mates' game play experience by being less useful than a bot?

Cognitive_Dissonance #228 Posted Aug 06 2018 - 13:31


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View PostBavor, on Aug 03 2018 - 23:01, said:


So you are going to punish your team mates instead of not playing.  That's some great logic!  Hurt your team mates' game play experience by being less useful than a bot?


Waaaa, wallet warriors ruin the game, I am gonna throw a hissy fit in game to show them!!!!


Logic isn't the issue, this bowl floater is what pollutes half the player base, and to them it is always more satisfying to wreck the game for others than to actually try to contribute.

Gamma_383 #229 Posted Aug 18 2018 - 00:47

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i might have put this in wrong spot



after taking time to think about it


fixes for

Kv 5 add 152mm M10 from Kv2 gun

Kv 5 fix front 2 weak turret thingies


Is 6 add more accurate gun

Is 6 fix front armor


wz 112 more accurate 122mm gun

wz 112 add 130mm gun


wz 111 more accurate 122mm gun


34-3 add 100mm D10 gun


M6x add 90mm gun

M6X add 105mm how


T-54 add M1951 turret


T-62 add 100mm D10T2s


Type 59 add 85mm gun 62-85T


T26E add 105mm how

T26E fix front armor


Kv 222 add more HP 

Kv 222 add 76mm how L10


JPz VI 88  give better aim time

JPz VI 88 make turn better


Pz 38h  improve armor or bounce


Pz S35 improve armor or bounce


Pz B2 improve armor or bounce


T34 rudy  rate of fire

T34 runy improve accurcy


Ram II add 2pdr gun Mk XB


M48 add 90mm M41 gun 

M48 add 105mm How m4


un Nerf arty


any way this is what i think would fix the problem

problem might be having to use old tank in new ways

PAIDtriot #230 Posted Aug 18 2018 - 03:54


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Wargaming has never been successful at balancing tank characteristics within or across tiers. There are too many tanks, too many varieties of tanks, and too many variables to account for. Not the least of which is the impact of maps on a tank's competitiveness. Every time they "fix" one thing they break two other things. There doesn't seem to be any real algorithm for tank characteristics within a given tier and across tank types within a given tier. It all has the feel of a manual guess work approach to each tank. Gameplay suffers as a result. Tanks become uncompetitive. That tanks' characteristics have to constantly be "rebalanced" is proof of this. 


For tanks with preferential MM, I don't know why they don't just upscale the tank's characteristics for Tier IX battles in the way other games do for their PvP instances. That would make these tanks competitive in Tier IX battles w/o having to constantly rejigger their characteristics. 

Gunadie #231 Posted Sep 23 2018 - 00:58


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Re: changes to the WZ111

Sorry but your pittance will not help do a whole lot 

Why change the shell speed on the Premium round?

The shell speed is a complete JOKE on this tank

Nothing like playing softball on a team where everyone else is playing fastball

When tier 10 is pushing 1500m/s what you are proposing is about half the speed

This is a slap in the face as you tout this as a credit earner yet you do nothing to encourage the use of the cost effective rounds!

Thy not do the right thing and remove this tank from PMM

Give it a 800 hp engine 17.98/hp per tonne weight ratio

You propose to give the FCM50T over 23hp/t up from 19 but you leave this lemon with 13 hp/t...

Increase the gun depression from -5 to -6 

increase the pen of the AP to 210 and increase shell velocity from 800 to 950

and 900m/s for HEAT rounds

You make this tank a non-contender because its balanced to see tier 6 but seldom does

And when it doesnt it cant play on even ground

PMM is bad for the game because you cant even balance the tank that are non-PMM !

Time to dump this PMM for all, rebalance all tanks and dont insult players with your Russian refund tactics!!

Time to balance this game and stop power creeping tanks while leaving others behind!


Lexers615 #232 Posted Dec 27 2018 - 10:32

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Given WG is slowly shutting down its studios in NA, due to the playerbase having shrunk by well over 75% in less than 5 years and the total spending of the playerbase seems to be rock bottom, I'd suggest to quit spending alltogether up until we're sure WG:NA isn't simply (finally) going out of business in NA.

GeorgePreddy #233 Posted Dec 27 2018 - 14:24


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I spent a few hundred dollars this Christmas season because:



I'm not even a tiny bit worried about getting my entertainment value out of my purchases.







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