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critical error world of tanks won't open

critical error

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TANKER2003_defender #1 Posted Aug 03 2018 - 18:59


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HI there I had recently installed the new Mac OS X Mojave and now I am not able to run world of tanks, when I try opening the launcher it just says "world of tanks-critical error" please someone tell me the solution to fix this issue 


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dstud208 #2 Posted Aug 07 2018 - 13:14


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The critical error usually happens when there is a broken link between the wrapper (Mac client) and the actual game files that sit in the background. It could be Mojave that's causing this, but it also could be that the update just broke a link that needs to be fixed. The problem is that you don't know which one (assuming it can be fixed). If your comfortable downloading my utility (link in signature) try going to the WoT tab and clicking reset wrapper. That will force the game to rebuild all the links to "non critical" parts of the game like your preferences and such (it will also reset the preferences to default). If that doesn't work you should probably try reinstalling the game entirely. Click the "delete completely" button and then go to the website and download a new copy.

If that still doesn't work then I don't know mate. Sorry. It's possible that mojave just doesn't like the Mac WoT client and they will need to update it (after about 2-3 months). Best thing to do if my utility can't fix it is to write to the developers and explain the situation. Email: ports@codeweavers.com

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